hopefully luck will be on my side....
With any luck this time tomorrow night when I post, I'll have good news that I was able to give this artwork to Martha Stewart!

I made Martha Stewart the above artwork of her and her dogs, Franchesca and Paw Paw, and I have hopes of giving it to her tomorrow after her keynote speech.

We'll see if I can get past her handlers to be able to give it to her. My hopes are not high but there is still hope. I do know that tomorrow is my only chance. I contacted "her people" through her web site and they said any gift packages mailed to her would be returned or thrown away (gasp!). So I have to give it to her or nothing. We'll see! If it works out great, if not, oh well!

Wish me luck!!


I don't know who I'd be happier for if you're able to give it to Martha--you, for having such a great opportunity, or Martha, for receiving this incredible piece of artwork!!! Oh, I hope it works out, Claudine!!!
If you can't give it to her in person now, the next time you're in New York, I can get you into the Starrett-Lehigh Building and you can give it to her then. It'll be like Mission Impossible. You can even wear a black turtle-neck if you want.
Martha will be lucky to receive this lovely piece! :) Hopefully she'll bring you on her show!
go for it!!!! andra
She loves anything with her dogs on it. Her "people" can be a pain in the A&& some times. On her radio show she sometimes gives out her assistants direct number for people having a hard time getting through. If you see her tell her the "other" Claudine loves her too..... Great piece! Good luck
This is just so stinkin' awesome cute! Really, she should be so honored to receive this beautiful gift. Good luck getting it to her very lucky hands!
You can do it Claudine. When I got the balls to give a piece I had made to Deepak Chopra - he not only loved it, but asked me for more. Just do it.
i love that! hope she gets it!
We'll keep our fingers and paws and hooves all crossed here :). The piece is wonderful and I know she'd LOVE it if you can get it to her! It's funny, I think of you being just if not more creative than her - so it is weird for me to think that you'd be "kept" from seeing her. She's always about promoting people - she just read letters on her show that stated how someone's website hits and orders went up 10x, 100x, etc. Hope you make it past all the "handlers!" Good Luck!!!
I hope you can get that into Martha's hands. Maybe she would put you on her show. That would be great exposure.

Good luck
I sure you hope will remember we were your charter fans before you got famous! I know she will love it.
This is such a fun illustration and I am glad you were able to give it to Martha. Do tell all about your trip when you have time.
This looks so Martha! Glad you were able to get thru to her. Celebs can be tough - I've manager a few times to get up for autograph and photo opp. Congrats.
you always have fun and lovely design!! Love the collage and the use of patterns!!
WOW!!!!! That is SO COOL!!! Your artwork is light...and fun..(and if she doesn't love it..well then she's obviously BLIND and you should send it to me!! hehehehe)
How exciting that you got to see her and that they knew of you!!! I think I'd still be peeing my pants! No need to cross your fingers... this one is a WINNER :)
This is awsome! I'm so glad you were able to give it to her! I really hope she asks you to go on her show, that would be so awesome!


ps. the dog in the bad is priceless!
Oh this is just fantastic! I love it the whole story amazing!! Yea - congratulations Claudine for getting through. And it is just a fantastic piece as well - how lucky of her to have it!
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