brrr! it's cold!
It got really cold and chilly today. Tonight it's supposed to get down to 40! I just got back from covering our pentas outside. I don't want them to die and those plants do not like cold weather.

The good news it that this is perfect weather for our new roof. The guys aren't too hot working up there and it's nice and dry. Today they arrived at 8am and starting scraping off all the old roof. It was loud!

Mabel ! She was so upset, she ran under the bed and didn't come out until they left. Then she ran straight to her food bowl crying. Poor girly!

Stanley and Toby weren't bothered at all by all the noise Toby slept through most of it, snoring loudly, and Stan was as frisky as ever. It looks like the roofers will be here tomorrow and then probably finish up Thursday. It will be nice to have a brand new roof well before hurricane season!


It seems like there's no escape of the drilling sounds! At work, they are repairing the roof and using jackhammers to remove the old concrete. Eek! It's loud and the customers react much as Mabel has.

They are also rennovating the building next to our's, which means they start hammering, drilling, and banging dark and early. They're also building a condo on the block that's REALLY loud. Who needs an alarm clock after all that?
I came home to snow ankle deep! Yuk! Try not to let the constant rapping give you a migraine!
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