random thoughts thursday
- my email inbox is finally empty yay! Such a good feeling!
- the 18x24 commission that I mailed to Italy via Global Expedited is being held at customs and it's freaking me out. Should find out more info tomorrow. eeep!
- had a great session with my coach today, talked at length about making decisions by trusting your intuition. Which is sometimes very hard when your brain says "do it" and your gut says "don't!"
- we removed 1/2 of our grass to extend our flower beds, lots more gardening work here we come!
- I need to pick my classes to submit for Art & Soul 2007 in Portland. ugh. So hard deciding!
- my neighbor's cat is missing and it's stressing me out. We have been looking all over for him. I gave her a number of a local animal communicator who has been helping. Hug your fur-babies everyone!
- I need to get my plan together for Sunday's free demo, still deciding what to demonstrate. I won't have power so that is limiting because I have to allow time for things to dry, no blow drying can make for a slow demo.
- I have not had one commission customer yet from either of my ads in Best Friend's Magazine, meanwhile the free press I have gotten in Skirt! and on other blogs has brought me many customers. Go figure.
- these are the best chocolates in the world, yummy!


Don't freak out just yet. I shipped a work of mine to a buyer in Torino a couple years back. It, too, sat in customs for about a week and a half. I emailed the buyer who was not all that concerned by it. She said Italian customs follows its own clock. She was actually HAPPY to receive it after 2 weeks hostage in customs. She said that was decent time (gulp)!
Fogive me for not commenting on your diary.. but i really dig your collage work :)

OK thanks! that makes me feel better! sheesh!
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