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I demoed at the Memories Scrapbooking Expo in the AC Moore booth today. Everyone at the booth was so sweet and nice, they even let me do a make-n-take during my break. I had never used one of those cutterpede paper cutter thingies and that was pretty neat. Hey it must work if I managed to cut paper straight with it. I never can cut a straight line!

The show was a little slow, so thank you to all the nice gals who stopped by during my demo to say hi! I only sold a couple copies of my book, which I hope doesn't reflect badly on my book in the eyes of AC Moore. Apparently they were testing it to see if they would pick it up at all their stores, which would be GREAT - huge chain! They said it was slow all around on Sunday and promised me they didn't hold it against me.

The good news is there was a bead show right next door so that was fun to look around! I even found a company that will print images onto glass so you can turn them into beads. Hmmm Poppet® beads? Maybe!
Hi claudine...
for what it is worth...i know the Maine AC store had your book. I love Ac Moore...they were a really cool store in Maine. Andra
Hi Claudine.....the Cutterpede is great - be sure to check out the decorative blades that you can put on it!! There's a deckle, wave, scallop and zig zag!!
WAAAH!!! I wasn't able to make it out there on Sunday! Was really looking forward to it too. :o(
In case the bigwigs at AC Moore are reading this, your book is fabulous!!! I live about 1 mile from the AC Moore in my town, and I teach arts & crafts classes locally, and I am always referencing both of your books and your techniques. It would be great to refer people to AC Moore to purchase it.
Claudine, just bought your first book at Michael's yesterday!! Was so excited to see it there. It is awesome. Can't wait to find your second....
would love to see craft shops start carrying a selection of these type of books. i had to buy both of your books and dvds online and I was so impatient waiting for them to come in the post! and didn't know exactly what supplies i would need yet. would be so terrific to get the book at the store and be able to buy all the supplies at the same time, and head straight home to get creative.
I agree that I had to buy the books and then go back out shopping to get additional stuff. It would be great if they carried the book at AC Moore. Come up to Boston area and give a workshop - I think you would get a great turnout!
M. Stella
oh man! i wanted to go to the scrapping convention last weekend but i didn't get a chance to. I go to UCF, and i was really excited when i found an artist in the orlando area (and a great one at that).

i read your blog every once in awhile, so when you wrote that you had a book, i had to get it. I impulsively bought it just now on Amazon without even thinking about it.

Good luck with everything!
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