i'm a busy bee
I have been super busy! I am hard at work on commission orders for the holidays.

Here's a commission that I just finished up of these cute kiddos. They wanted to be in a garden theme. My fav part is the girl watering the flowers the little boy is holding.

The commission order that I shipped to Italy made it through customs and they got it. I am so relieved. Since I had never shipped an artwork that large (18x24) overseas I was nervous. So glad they got it and everything is ok!

I am also excited that I seem to be getting a response to my ad in Best Friend's Magazine. I just got a few orders coming in this week from that ad. So that is good. I'll have to decide whether to renew the ad after the next issue of the magazine.

I am looking into offering an extra service to the commissions -- printing folded cards with the finished artwork on them. Then people could send out their commission as holiday cards or everyday greeting cards etc. I still have to figure out all the logistics.
Too bad it's too late for the holidays this year, but by next year I'll have it all figured out!


Out-source, out-source, out-source.

I used to have a really great direct connection with a printer here in Brooklyn who was amazingly cheap and gave us big discounts, but unforunately, he passed on.

There's a place in Alatmonte Springs/Casselberry that I seem to remembering being really good. I believe the name was Lawton. I seem to recall it being off of 436 by Club 436, with a huge printer in their front yard. We used to get bunches of things printed through them back in my high school daze.
re: customs in Italy

Told ya! But, seriously, I'm glad it made it through okay, and relatively fast considering! :o)
Hurray! So glad you're going to get into printed stationery with your designs - I think it's a wonderful idea (ah, a stationery girl - LOL!). I'm here for you if you want to brainstorm about the how/what, etc. :-)
Oh wow, the one w/the kiddos is just adorable!!!
I print my cards on scored cardboard that I buy cut to size directly from a local printer. I have played with the settings on my printer, and when packaged with a colour envelope in a cello bag they have been a really effective way of cross promotion through a product. Good luck with your idea - I think it's terrific!
Hi Claudine, let me know if I can help with info on card making. I do it with my dog paintings and I have a great card stock vendor. If you have Photoshop and a good'll be all set! Good luck with the holiday commissions...they look amazing.
Too cute! The cards are a great idea. I bought your book yesterday!!!!! I'm really looking forward to getting at it but need to find the couch first ;)
thanks everyone for the support for my new idea! I also want to research other products i could offer to put the commissioned work on for the client. How cool would it be for a client to have the original artwork and then an ornament or paperweight or whaterver too!

Right now I am looking at online printing companies so I can outsource the printing. I think I'd kill myself if I was cutting the cards here. I can't cut straight (even with a paper cutter!) and I can see me messing up more cards than making good ones! LOL!
So cute! Love the colors and theme!
classic appealing work!
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