illustration friday: smoke
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "smoke"

(click image to enlarge)
When I read the theme I thought of creepy-guy-next-door who comes close to burning down the neighborhood by adding too much lighter fluid to his BBQ.

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he is creepy. love the thought bubbles!
Funny! ^_^ I like to see what they are all thinking.
Hah! this totally cracks me up...from his face to his cigarette to his belly to his socks...he's perfect! Her face is perfect, too! Great piece!
It is perfect. Reminds me of our barbequing days.
HAHAHAHA Im giggling sooo hard I can just see you thinking about that fire extinguisher heheheheh....he is hilarious...AWESOME COLORS for the fire my favvvyyy!!
This is so funny! What a physique (sp?) on that guy.
haha! I love his body shape, this reminds me of the guy who lived on my street when I was little!!! Great!
ha! brilliant!
Haha! This is perfect for the topic! You work is simply fantastic!
Very funny...very retro!
Great funny stuff!!!
Cool piece! My favorite parts are the neighbor over the fence and the dude's socks. Sigh, that's been made fun of since I was wee and I still see people doing that with their socks! It's the foot-apparel equivalent of the mullet!

Haha, that's awesome. He looks like a generic Mr.Dad fomr the fifties. Kind of frightening, actually.
i love this - its great!
Wonderful and funny illo!
:D great idea!
haha! very funny. his outfit is hilarious - socks, pants, everything.
wonderful, witty illo - love it! (and all of your other work too, very inspiring, thanks for generously sharing your art and techniques) yours in art, laura tm
Hi Claudine! Good to see you back on IF! Nice bbq illo, like it =)
LOL That's too cute! I love how the little dog is standing there in anticipation - it made me smile =)
really cool. can you tell what my thought bubble is thinking right now?
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lov his shorts looks lik ehe has iot all under control
kinda sorta
Claudine, this illustration is so fun! I love the way you put stitching around the fire and the plaid pants. I also think you did a great job on Windy, the dog on the lap has my vote!
Your collages are really clever,those red shorts are so cool!Great illustration.
How did you know the guy next door was so creepy? Great job on the theme.
This is one of my favorites ever. :-)
LOL! Just too cute! Have great Sunday!
great work!! Love it!
Oh, how perfectly 50's! I love it. Let's through some more fuel on the fire. Hugs you talented goddess! ;)
Clever interpretation! *giggle*
I always look forward to seeing your work. As usual - this is great! I love it.
I certainly hope the creepy guy next door doesn't read your blog!
very funny! but I'd like a burger please :)
HA ! HA !! Great take on the theme!!
Really terrific! Very funny too. Your collages are very rich and well thought out.
Great dialogue going on with the picture/thought bubbles! This is one of my favorites of yours.
Very funny! I like the look of the fire.

This is just too hysterically funny! He has a look of menace and mayhem written all over him, and is it me or his extra tall socks just making him ever so creepier?
Ha-ha.. super funny. Love the creepy neighbors skinny legs, and plaid shorts. Extra fluid on my burger please.
What a crack up. I love that the lady is thinking safety when everyone else just wants to fill their bellys.
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