vote for poppets®!
Creating Keepsakes magazine is holding their annual 'Readers Choice' Awards ballot.

I just found out that my product line with LazarStudioWERX,Poppets® by Claudine Hellmuth, has made it into several categories. YAY!

Will you please vote for me along with your other favorites?

If you get a chance and want to support the Poppets®, please check out the ballot and vote. My Poppet® Scrabooking Line is listed as LazarStudioWERX Poppets® by Claudine Hellmuth in the following categories:

  • Best New Product of 2006
  • Page Enhancements
  • Paper, Patterned
  • Paper, Themed
  • Rubber Stamps
Here is the link to the Ballot.
Thank you!!

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I love your blog and look forward to taking your class at Art & Soul in Portland.

I totally agree with you on Vincent. I think they kept him around for entertainment...although I just found him irritating.

I just cast my ballot for all of your products and some of my other favorites too. I am soooo happy Vincent is gone. He was so annoying and full of himself thinking his designs were so fabulous. I couldn't stand how he was playing up to the French judge in Paris. Gag!!!! Both my husband and I thought Kayne's dress was the best because of the way it fit and flowed down the runway. But Michael's looked so much better after the judges told him to tuck those little acallop thingies in. I felt so bad when those people threw eggs at his dress in France. How awful! Jeffrey's model really "worked" that dress when she walked down the runway in NY. All the NY models were better than the French ones. Congratulations on your new kittie, Stanley. He is so very cute!
Yay! I voted for you. Congratulations. See you soon.
absolutely voting for Poppets!!! so proud of you! hugs, rach
glad to vote for ya... poppets are darling :)
I would love to vote for you but only residents of the United States or Canada are allowed to compete.

But I can at least wish you good luck!
Susan and I saw your ad in "Best Friends" magazine. Your status in our eyes was increased even more, lady.

We are a big supporter of Best Friends and hope to spend a few days there next year as we travel through Utah.

Shoulda known you to be one of their fans, too.
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