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Yay! let's rejoice! Vincent is gone!!! Project Runway is finally free of him!

It goes without saying he should have been out a long, long, long time ago. Why they kept him on is beyond me. I am SO relieved I will never have to hear him say "that gets me off" again about his creations. Every single time he said that I shuddered. I think I will have nightmares about him saying that. Well that and him in his tank tops. *shudder*

I love how Laura called him a legend in his own mind. Another great quote was at the beginning when Tim walks into the Paris studio and goes "how thrilling!" Paul and I think we're going to add that to our Tim-isms along with "make it work" and "carry on."

Laura's dress was less than wonderful. But not everyone can be great all the time. It looked a little like a mime costume to me. Uli's dress was very nice. I was worried when she said she wasn't going to use her trademark patterns but I think it came out great. Michael's dress was lovely, especially when they made the adjustment to the top on the judging runway. I really liked Kayne's dress too, even though everyone made such a fuss about it. I thought Jeffery's dress was fun but I didn't think it was as new and fresh as Heidi and everyone thought. I swear that plaid ball gowns were very big at some point, I don't think I am imagining that. Like in early 90's Vogue?

I can't stand waiting to see who the final three are. Now I'm thinking Uli, Michael and Jeffery. My money's still on Michael to win it. Yay Michael!!


Thanks for the PR update. Up here in Canada we only saw the first few episodes, and then they stopped for some reason. It's awful when you're addicted, but fortunately I get to read your take on things every Wednesday. P.S. Congrats on Stan!
Olympus Fashion Week here in New York starts on Friday, so I'll be sure to break in and see who's showing to find out who exactly the final three will be before it aires on television.
I was thinking the same thing about Jeffrey's dress. Yes early 90's vogue, it's all coming back to me :)
I agree with your final 3 after the previews for next week of the The Ice Queen having a minor meltdown. I have been trying to figure out when these episodes were taped so I can figure out when Laura would have been due. I may be that she is due right about now and so they would have had to get rid of her - I don't think one can give birth in the Bryant Park Tents. Good luck with the kitten!
I didn't like Jeffrey's dress personally. I think his model really sold it for him. I thought Uli's dress was better by far. More interesting and a better fit.

Laura's dress did look much better in Paris, but could tell without knowing, it was 'her' dress as all her outfits look the same...high waitst and/or plunging neckline.(made for women without any breasts or hips).

I thought Kayne's dress, while a little too glittery for me, was the most 'couture'ish'. He put a lot of work into it and loved it so much, it's just a shame that everyone else didn't like it....and of course didn't hesitate to tell him so.

Michael's dress did look a lot better when the top was pushed down. But I loved the fact that he knew it wasn't that great but that he had to go with it. So many of the designers say their garments are fab when they aren't.

And Vincent...he was a class act when he left...It will be interesting to watch him at the reunion show.
I didn't like Jeffrey's dress at all. Definitely was time for Vincent to go, I think he had a good exit - class act like someone else said.
I loved Kayne's dress! I guess they don't like glittery, but oh my goodness how it fit and flowed!
I for one don't want to know who the final 3 are till it happens on tv!

what a relief that Vincent is gone - I'm with you about the "that gets me off" -his departure was overdue!

seems Laura could have made that collar much more dramatic - irregular edge, lace, beads etc. I too appreciated Kayne's dress - loved the asymetry and the monocromatic effects.

I can think of a few other plaid formal dresses - plaid taffeta skirts for bridesmaids at a fall wedding in the late '70s and I played dress up in a blue and white plaid cotton formal (off the shoulder and ruffles) of my mother's that had to have been from the mid-1940's!

thank goodness for PR - it is the only thing keeping me sane since our pool/back yard have been under rehabilitation all summer!!!
that "It gets me off" thing that vincent kept saying was, to me, rude and not appropiate but I thought maybe I was getting lost in translation (as so many other english-slang I don't get sometimes) good to know it wasn't just me!
my money is on Michael too for the win!
Great comments everybody! Did you notice how often they used the term "French?" I think Tim said "wow, that view is so French!" and "we are going to eat dinner at a French restaurant." uhhh, yeah, you ARE in France so that would make sense! They were all probably wiped out from jet lag so it's understandble.
Susan and I watched the tivo version last night and must concur with your mini-review.

Kayne's dress was a hell of a lot better than the judges and Tim were saying. It was also made better than just about anyone else's. He got a raw deal on this one. Kayne came through.

I like Jeffrey more than most folks, but his dress was a mess. Couture or not, it looked preposterous, pretentious and pasted together. I think what helped him to win the challenge was the model. She WORKED that runway like she built it herself. Because of that, I predicted him to win.

Laura blew it - completely. I think she was hanging on by a thread (so to speak) with her design that looked like a bad prom dress.

Uli really shined this time. If she holds this present course, she may topple the ice queen and make it to the final three. I would not have predicted that a week or so ago. She displayed a complete command of the hand-made nature of Couture. And it was a pretty dress, too!

Michael got an "A" for effort but a "C" on the final exam. He busted his butt and reached pretty high - but perhaps over-reached given the time restraints. If he had a week to pull this off, (or more practice with a needle) I think he would have dazzled the entire city of lights with what that guy could have made. He is a major talent to reckon with. I am NOT sure he will win, however.

Vincent, the "legend in his own mind" (love that comment, Laura), self-deluded, tailor to the naked emperor, was given his past due walking papers.

However, of all the designers on the show, I feel really bad for this guy. He apparently sold his soul to get on, but now that everyone has been shown what little he is capable of, I'm not sure anyone would want to hire him to design a pillow case.

He disproves the old bonmot that if you want something really badly and try your hardest, you can do and be anything in the world you desire. Sorry folks, you sometimes need things like talent, ability and skill. Simply believing in a thing does not make it so.

Best season evar, fur shure.
claudine, I love your posts on project runway! I haven't been following season 3 too closely, because I can never seem to catch them when they air. But I'm obsessed with the show - can't wait for the DVD!
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