sedona day three
We had a great second day of the workshop. Today we worked on background techniques and also covered composition. Tomorrow we'll be doing transfers as well as more indepth collage work. There are some amazing artworks being created. I'll try to take some photos tomorrow.

So far I have managed to mostly keep my voice. I keep spraying this
snore stop spray which has oil of wintergreen and other throat relaxants in it and I think it is helping my throat. Just for the record, I do not snore. I bought it for the soothing qualities thank you very much. If only we could use it on Toby, to stop him snoring at night.

I know tea can be very helpful for sore throats but I am not a tea drinker so this seems to be working instead. We'll see! I just hope I can keep my voice so I don't sound like a crazy person for the HGTV "I Want That" filming on Wednesday. eeep!

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you're have to be a like a professional singer and not talk at all after class! lol..andra
ha! that will be the day ;)!!!

don't they have gallons of apple juice in Sedona?! Bet your Mom can procure some and then on the plane be sure to beat all the gremlins to it!

hey, those of us that have been through long weekends with you will recognize you either way! sounds like you are having an awesome time, enjoy!!! can't wait to see the photos.
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