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Another great episode! I was on the edge of my seat for this one!

I wish Michael would have won but I think it was good Jeffrey did, even if he is the "bad guy" for this season. I think Jeffrey should have won for the paper dress he made a few episodes ago so this makes up for that. He needs to let the whole thing about Angela's Mom go. It was getting annoying how he kept harping on it.

Was it just me, or did Laura's pregnant belly seem to grow on the flight over from NYC to Paris? Did you notice how big it was when she walked in her dress in the Paris classroom? I could have sworn her belly barely showed when she modeled her dress on the runway in New York. I absolutely loved her dress. Laura is growing on me even though I still can't forgive her for not liking dogs.

Vincent's outfit was super boring. I thought he would have gotten nailed for that. It looked badly cut and the judges are always first to harp on anything that is boring. It remains a big question mark for me why he is still on.

So Angela is gone. It's almost anticlimactic. I wanted her gone so badly a few episodes ago, now that it has happened, I felt a touch sorry for her. She looked great with her hair all straight. She should wear it like that all the time. I was so worried that Kayne would have been the one to go. I think Kayne is wonderful, he cracks me up. I felt so sad when that lady told him he looked ridiculous, that seemed really harsh. I thought he looked great even if it was in a Liberace kind of way.

Uli should have made something that looked a little different from all her other clothes that she normally wears. But at least she slid by. Right now I have her in the final 3. I think it will be Michael, Uli and Vincent. I would bet money Vincent will make it to the final three because the producers want him in to keep ratings up.

We'll have to wait and see!


I just watched it and thought it was pretty inconsiderate to fly everybody out, then send someone home directly. But, they do relish being mean to them. I think America is waiting to see Vincent the Creepy get 'auffed'. Why would Angela put rosette clusters on her rear? I wonder where she studied, she's from Ohio...maybe CCAD?
Angela has grown on me over the past couple of weeks...especially after last week and how mean Jeffrey was to her mother. He is so obnoxious. But his outfit was pretty good this week and it fit him to a "T". I thought Vincent's design was b-o-r-i-n-g also. I really thought Kayne would be the one to be OUT with his liberace design...but they did say it was supposed to reflect his personality. They rave every week about Uli's ability to combine patterns, so I am not surprised that she keeps doing the same thing. Now she knows to try something different. My guess for the final three are Michael, Laura and Jeffrey.
I was very ready for Angela to go too, but I do hope that next week Vincent is out...He really bothers me...did not need to see his boxers, ewwwww. I am very fond of Kayne, though I do think the final 3 will be Laura, Jeffrey, and of course, Michael. Michael is my pick to win.
If vincent-the-freak is in the final 3 I am never watching the show again. Angela didn't have to say that she hadn't traveled much...choosing linen for the shorts said it all. And what was that wierd seaming on the butt? I would have been happy with Michael, Laura or Jeff winning last night.
I am just so tired of Jeffery with his nastiness. He is very talented, but he annoys me to no end. I was hoping Michael or Laura would win. I agree that Vincent's was a bit boring. I was hoping that Angela would stay just to annoy Jeffery. Kayne's outfit was too too Liberaci. I thought maybe he would be the one to go. Uli's outfits do tend to look similar, but that is just her style. The judges seemed to like it before, not sure what the difference is now. I agree with everyone about the rosettes on Angela's butt. What was she thinking??? Oh, and that clip from next week...Laura did look a lot bigger than she did in this show. Hmmmm.
I don't know why they refer to Angela's trademark embellishment as a "rosette". Are they what we used to refer to as a "yo-yo"? Check this out:
I just read Tim's Take on Bravo's site. Since I'm cable-less I rely on Tim & all the bloggers like yourself to keep me posted :) Am I a complete tard for not knowing Laura is pregnant? I thought she already had a herd of children at home!? She looked beautiful with her hair down & in that dress she designed. She's my mom's favorite.
Glad they're in Paris! But do you really think they made Angela turn right around and hop on the next plane back to NY? I would hope she had one day to walk around a bit. I had a clue that Angela was going to be the next one to be out because Heidi, Tim and Nina were on Larry King and they ran a clip of each designer left except for Angela. My final 3 pick are Jeffrey (for entertainment) and Laura (because I want to see how she works at home with her family around). If Michael doesn't win, I will be totally disappointed.
Am I one of say 5 straight men who watch and LOVE "PR"?

Vincent should have been auffed a couple of weeks ago, although he redeemed himself a little bit last week, I think. Vincent, I truly believe, is self-delusional at times. And YES, he is there to make better TV.

Since we Tivo'd this, I now know what happened and can act "all knowing" when Susan and I watch it this afternoon. Don't say a word, Claudine!

Biggest disapointment this season - Alison's demise. When Vincent won over her, I knew the fix was in to keep the emperor's tailor in front of the camera. Vincent is a wacky goofball and his early designs were lousy enough to get just about anyone else booted off the show.

Claudine - you are so right on the mark about Jeffrey's recycled dress last week. It was inspired, colorful and expertly made. Michael's was fine, but it looked like garb'age redux. Jeffrey's could have passed as an off-the-rack, high-end outfit *cloth* outfit.

My prediction for the final three: Laura (I have a not-so-secret crush on this leggy ice queen), Michael and Jeffrey. Uli may make it to the final four if she straightens up and designs something worth considering. Otherwise, it'll be Vapid Vincent.

I thougt the dude was merely the comic relief for a while. When he actually survive Heidi's "AUF!" I could only shake my head in dismay.

Okay, gotta go outside and do something manly, like chop down a tree, build a cabin, kill a bear, skin it and make jerky from the meat.

(Maybe I can make a nice coat from the hide...hmmm.)
honestly claudine, I really think that Michael, Jeffrey, and Laura will make it to the final 3. You know how they had that commercial clip before commercials on how viewers can pick their favorite designer and find out at the reunion episode who won? The cell phone they have that simulates the numbers being entered showed those 3 names and honestly, I think the 3 have the best and strongest designs that have been standing out...oh and yes, Jeffrey's comments were getting old and annoying.
Oh I SO wish they would cut Jeffrey for being so MEAN. He claims to be just "talking about last week's challenge" and then brags about how he sent the ugliest dress ever made down the runway. He's got no redeeming charm like Santino had. I don't give a hoot about his clothes anymore, he doesn't deserve to go any further. :o( My odds are on Michael to win - he always does great stuff and I love hearing his thought process.
yeah now that I think about it, I agree wiht you guys. I think it will be Laura, Michael, and Jeffrey in the final 3 with Vincent in the final 4 just to drive us crazy.

I am rooting for michael to win it!

your right on - Laura did grown on the flight over - or took off her spanx!? and how she would work at home with all those kids?- no doubt there is a nanny if she dresses that way daily!

dare we hope Jeffery will have to get a new topic with Angela "aufed"? That was long overdue - after all from now on we'd have to call her "yo-yo"!

seems Vincent has gone from wacky to boring designs. last week's dress may have been unexpected from him, but seems to be the start of him taking up a less sucessful bent - didn't he learn from Robert?

was surprised to hear the judges turn on Uli - but it may spur her to greater things??? hope so for as much as I love classics and there is always a place for them -I don't find Laura particularily inspiring and would rather see Uli in the final three - with of course Michael and hopefully Jeffery for spice. Have to admit his Mom's revelations last week gave me a new take on him!

t2- counting you i know of 4 straight guys watching PR, but you are in good company Terry!

how many days till next wednesday?! Perhaps Kayne can find some new inspriation in Paris?thank goodness Tim went along!!!
I just have one coment about Jeffery and everyone thinking he is sssoooo nasty..I do custom designs and comissions (not clothes) for a living...if a potential customer acted the way Angela's Mother acted, I would not take the comission...Jeffery actually treated her (at least in my opinion)well considering her behavior...everyone keeps saying "How could he treat Angela's MOTHER that way?" so if you give birth it gives you a pass on manners??? She behaved horribly and Jeffery behaved in a truthful, controlled manner...he did not have the option of not accepting the comission, so I applaud his demeanor...I agreee about Vincent...his designs a so nothing...a column and an embellishment...
Thanks for posting the pro-J comments. Yeah, he is in your face, and is anything but "Mr. Sensitive," but he has yet to say anything that was untrue.

Angela's mother was being a whiny, cry baby. I'm about the nicest guy you wanna meet and I too wanted to tell her to shut up, grow up, buck up or leave...or just leave, period.

The ONLY thing on which I might disagree with the lad is his assessment of his designs vs. the other contestants. Sometimes he is right on the mark, other times he's puffing up this own chest.

The man is undoubtedly talented and apparently has very little feeling in his neck. Everytime I look at the guy, I want to pull my head into my torso...those tats had to hurt like the dickens. I've got my own, but they certainly weren't put on my neck for gawds sake. Geesh.

I must say, I could yap about this for another hour or so. "PR" is holding me over until "Lost" begins in a few weeks.

Vincent must go.
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