back to the vet
Busy day today. Worked on commissions, and more step outs for the Craft Lab taping.

Ran back to the vet to get
Toby tested for Cushing's Disease. Which is really scary to think about. The vet doesn't really think he has it, but he think's it's important to rule it out. I feel the same way. Not too worried, but still a little bit. I'll be glad to know the results.

This was my second trip to the vet this week.
Mabel also had a check-up for her bladder infections. I swear I go there so much, now I just get in my car and say "drive to the vet" and my car does it all by itself.

Next week I will be taking Toby to a complimentary therapy vet to see what holistic options we can look into for getting his skin and hair back on track. Once we rule out anything else with the tests. The holistic vet works in tandem with my existing vet to find the best solution. We'll see how that goes. The first visit is just to check it out and see what they have to say.

I think it goes without saying I give my pets better medical care than I do myself!

Tomorrow I'll be going over to my friend
Martha's. I am excited to see her! It's been a long time!


Our dog, Shelby, was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. Her biggest problem seems to be losing her muscle strength. She can only walk about 50 feet before she has to lay down and rest. It's so sad to see your animals not doing well. Our vet told us the standard treatment for Cushing's can sometimes be worse than the condition itself so when you mentioned an holistic approach it got my attention. I'll have to do some research online but would be interested in knowing what you might find too.
Hi sorry about Toby...I hope he is ok. My dog, Abby was just diagnosed with Cushing's and we are starting her on Lysodren next Tuesday. Be careful going the holistic route with Cushing's...not a great idea. Here's an excellen forum I've been using that will answer a lot of your questions if Toby is diagnosed with it.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!

I just got a call from the vet that his urine leaked in trasit to the labe, they need another sample.

So now I have to wait until Tuesday to drop off another sample (because of Labor Day on Monday) oh well. Even though we are pretty sure he doesn't have Cushing's I want to rule it out so I can stop worrying about it.
Even if the Tobe-meister is diagnosed with Cushing's, he can live, even satisfactorially, for many years.

Our Heidi-the-wonder-dog, was diagnosed a LONG time ago with it and with meds is doing pretty well. Her muscle weakness would probably would be manifested because the old girl is getting up there in years. Rather than sad, it is good to see her enjoy her days.

Dogs have a way of working through this stuff better than we do.
My dog was also thought to have had Cushings Disease...we brought her in for a routine checkup and they called and said they had found something "abnormal" in her tests....$800.00 worth of tests later and our sleepless nights, she was found to be just fine...I did a lot of research and they seem to live a long time with it, it seems. Not sure I would worry too much if Toby doesn't have the "typical" symptoms of Cushings. My dog is very chubby, (she prefers to be called "big boned") and that was basically the only "symptom" she had.
I hope your little furry man is the snoring video!
Aww, I just always love seeing Toby in your artwork...He looks like such a character! That tongue!

Project Runway was interesting, huh? But as hubby said, why couldn't they at least have allowed Angela to stay for the night or something to experience a little Paris. She went ALL the way there to just turn around and go home....I am concerned for Uli now. And if Vincent gets to the final three, you know the show is REALLY rigged! Which is truly sad. They can't make it there on pure talent? I guess that's a little naive of me to feel that way...
cathy -- right now the only symptoms that are near Cushing's are the lack of hair re-growth in his hind area.So I am not too worried. Still would like to rule it out.

thanks to everyone for your supportive comments! much appreciated!!!
claudine -

well I never heard that one - urine sample leaked on the way to the lab! of course most of the urine samples I took in over the years were processed at the animal hospital, but a fair share went to outside labs. what a pain! as you well know - never a dull moment in the urine catching business! hang in there!
Oh! I hope Toby and Mabel are better!
Thank you for your kind words in my blog. By the way...nice car ;)
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