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Today I open the new Victoria Secret Catalog and I gasped. What did I see?

I saw THIS!

Yes, my friends, horror of horrors -- stirrup pants have come back!

I can not even believe it. Immediately my 5th grade year flashed before my eyes where I wore stirrup pants and long striped shirts belted at the waist - almost every day.

Then I thought, maybe it's the VS catalog, they have been known to have some tacky clothes now and then. So I open the newest issue of Time and
they have a spot on how leggings are back. yipes.

I think I'll have to get myself to the mall ASAP to stock up on boot cut jeans before all that is left are the skinny legs of stirrup pants and leggings, which might look flattering on super models but not on the every day person.

Maybe, just maybe, it won't catch on. Maybe everyone else will be as horrified as I am about the stirrup pant. We'll see!
Although I thought the "Out of Africa" look was kind of nice.
YIKES!!!! I can't wear those things. Of course they did come in handy about 13 or so years ago when I was pregnant and couldn't fit into maternity clothes (cuz I was not very big). I just got stirrups a size bigger and put a tunic over it and you could barely tell I was workin on a bebe. Well, if they can bring back all the mod fashions of the 70's, I guess the old stirrups comin back was bound to happen sooner or later.
It should be against the law to wear stirrups unless you can proove you actualy own a horse....
I'm just glad that stirrup pants are exclusive to women's fashion (or at least should be) and that I'll be able to get my good ole low-rise-boot-cut fit just the way I like 'em.
I'd look super horrible in those things:-). How do leggings work for a short person? Gee...
Are the pants low rise, midriff baring???

I am so tired of looking at "muffin top" young women squeezed in jeans so tight and low and all that extra flesh pillowing over the top of their thongs.

If the stirrups have enough spandex--- no that's a bad visual.
That is so funny...and the other day I saw a woman wearing stirrup pants and I thought to myself, "Just how long has she been hanging on to those?" Little did I know that she was an the cutting edge of yet another fashion trend making a comeback!
Oh yeah and the whole 80s looking leggings under the skirt too... if you look at Wet Seal, you will see that style they are trying to bring back.

What??? Those hideous things?

And in the VS catalog of all places...what a riot. What's this world coming to?
I'm drawing the line at the shiney spandex ones girls used to wear with candies shoes...those should be outlawed for ever.
Let's hope it doesn't become a trend for men David Lee Roth My retina's may burn out!
Oh no! Does that mean I'm going to have to start tying big things in my hair too?? ;-)
They're very popular in London, have been for a while.
Not only for skinny people...:0)
And guys wear the jeans version with a Liam Gallagher haircut...:D

Love your website, Claudine! Great style and very funny ideas!
this is catastrophic news! thanks for the warning.
You are on to something with your comments about this trend. Just read USA Today's story on "Is today's fashion recycled or retro?" Among the horrors they say are coming back - cropped leggings, wide, wide belts (we called them cinch belts), Gaucho paints and Brooke Shields skinny-fit jeans. None of which do much for most of our figures.
Oh my gosh...thanks for the heads up on the stirrup pants...I must go to the GAP ASAP and get some normal girl jeans, although no low cut, because that just isn't right either...
I saw them in the Nordstrom catalog too but they called them 'footless tights' but it didn't fool me for a minute! I've seen the big belts too and the wrap-around belts...get out the aquanet hairspray - the 80's are back...with a vegeance. :)
....Horror of horrors...RUN...not only that but a few nights ago Levis just released a commercial about 'skinny leg' jeans. Looks like we are getting hit on all sides. I knew something was up while shopping for my 13 yo that big changes were coming when I saw all the longish shirts and leggings which started cropping up at Target in the Spring...Yup..they are everywhere...time for us 'real' people to stock up on our favorite comfy clothes...because we may have to go on an archeological dig to find them.

UGH! That's just about all I can muster....just, UGH! I'm sure lace tights and frilly socks are next. This was a very ugly time in my college days...UGH!
Oh you've got to be kidding me! Those things were awful and still are!!!
heh, i'm having flashbacks of fifth grade, too... what an awful time for fashion that was. stirrups are definitely a trend that should *not* be brought back.
yikes indeed! Stirup pants should be reserved for riding horses and kept away from all other occassions at all costs!
I guess what goes around comes around...but really...stirup unflattering and uncomfortable. Oh, well, I was never one for current style...just do my own thing.
yep i just returned from CHA chicago. not only were there stirrup pants walking around on michigan ave, there were bubble skirts. of course they were being worn by girls to young to realize that they were hideous the first time around.
LOL! OMG, Claudine I'm laughing so hard...I can't believe they're back this season.

I'm not surprised though...have you seen the sweaters from 5th grade, too??!! They're back in style.

And, coolots and knickers.

Yup. It's happening. Great googly moogly, it's happening.
Stirrup pants!! But we haven't gotten rid of pants with words on the bum yet! They could mutate together into Stirrup Pants with words on the bum... : |
Oh ppppplease, tell me it ain't so!! I've been waiting for several years for low-rise pants to go out of style. I'm long waisted so low-rise pants (called hip-huggers in my younger days) aren't flattering. But leggings.... I'm doomed....
oh good can come of this. we suffered through stirrup pants once, I can't believe people are willingly going back for more!
I searched skirts thinking well, maybe it'll be a skirt year versus pants and found in Japan they have a fashion rage for see through skirts, no joking. All I did was search on Google skirts and I found a site that had pictures of women out and about in see through skirts! I'm not a prude and yet....I can't even imagine this! So I hope that at five years of age was the last time I'll ever see me in stirrup pants. I remember when I wore stirrup pants and I got in trouble my Mom would lift me up by the waist and deposit me in my bedroom, the stirrups were the key here to do it without a weggie! What a memory of stirrup pants, never had an inkling to wear them... guess I'll be unfashionable as always! Laura Lea
Leggings I can stomach, but stirrups? What's next coulottes? What is the world coming to...

Thanks for the heads up Claudine you fashion diva...I knew you had awesome fashion sense when you put my husband in checkered pants on the commission you did for me....:)
Stirrup pants are very sexy, if you have the body for them. Looks like most women on this web site don't! HA HA.
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