illustration friday: sacrifice
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "sacrifice".
I didn't have time to do a whole finished piece so here's a little quickie.

(click image to enlarge)
I have really been enjoying being a part of IF and I look forward each week to the challenge of a new theme and seeing everyone's submissions. Thanks for stopping by!!

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excellent! that's definitely a sacrifice...
*giggle* very clever interpretation of the topic!
*grins* I know this particular sacrifice very well... having had 5 children (one set of twins)... It just made me smile!
OHH i love the pregnant SIL may be pregnant and this would make her smile so big!!! Its the thought of missing her pervious dress size that made me clap my hands and squeal! hehehe...
Very funny, although the sacrifices have just begun.
yep, that's the biggest sacrifice alright! and now i'm still trying to get back to my normal size...for the last 3 years :P
This is just right! How well so many of us can relate.
This is really cute! I really like the simplicity, you get right to the point!
your quickie is so perfect!!!
Hello. Thank you for the message :)
Your work is very cool...
Claudine - cute as always! Love that subtle gesture...speaks volumes.
Just to funny!!! I know how she feels :-)
nice idea claudine.
yep 1 of many that women give up freely. nice idea
Funny and true, nice.
Just got to watch the video & it was great. Fascinating to see your process. I've never worked with gel you know if it would come in handy when scrapbooking? And you're such a hoot...OragamEE...Origami??? LOL
That sacrifice is well worth it!
As I've said before - I really like your style and technique. This is great. Well done! I also like this retro touch.
oh so true! Wonderfully done.
Ha! Wonderful. Great post.
The pink retro flower print is the best!
Though I'm still pretty far from this sacrifice, I can totally agree this is the biggest sacrifice ever! Loving your style.
Isn't it great that we can do a (small) sacrifice to get such blessing?
Lovely, as always!
Hi Claudine,

This is so true....

Very fun and I love all the muted pinks that you used :)
Yes, maybee we're longing for the slender figure, but after the birth some are longing for the times, where the baby was inside - it's much easyer to take care of!

I like your vintage-image with the rose colour and the woman's smile - great!
Ooooo, perfect - the sacrifice of dress size (for a time, anyway!) And the next 18 years.... such narrative illustration. Wonderful, as always! I love your work.
Oh my gosh, I'm going through this right now! Your illustration is so perfect!
I LOVE this! Brings back memories - LOL! We were in Belgium when I was pregnant with Anna. By my last trimester, the only shoes I could fit into were my big, cloggy Doc Martin boots.
Great..but it's a wonderful sacrifice!!!
Wonderful idea! Very clever and creative.
Thats a great take on 'sacrifice' - a lovely sacrifice to make!
Yes, but it's only the first of many! Delightful illo--love the colors and the detail in her dress and bag.
thts so true....
bless them mommies!
i loveee the colours...
very well done indeed!
This is such a great idea...and a sacrifice that one never regrets!
I love all your work, but I really adore this one! It is so RIGHT for the topic. Thank you for the smiles!!
I love it...your work always makes me always use faces with the most wonderful expressions!

Ouissi x
yes, perfect for the challenge, I remember that sacrifice very well!
Very cute Claudine!!! Cheers! xo
So true! Love the dress!!! :)
I love the composition of this! And, as I just had a baby 6 months ago, this really sums it all up!!!
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great idea!
great job!

What a wonderful take on this theme. Most of the work has been very sad and this is one very positive side of it! Great job Claudine!
lovely collage and take on the subject ;) and its nice to have you on IF weekly

Oh Claudine, this is just perfect!!! I love EVERYTHING about this LOVELY piece!
Yes, me too, trying to loose the wieight, your waist is never the same.

Wonderful illo!
But think of it- if you're good with a sewing machine, you can make a smaller dress out of the maternity one once your baby pops out! Cute pic.
very cute. i love the hand on the stomach.
This is darling! What a creative interpretation of 'sacrifice' and so very true :-)
This is really right.
coooool idea!
I wonder if you get a chance to read all these comments. I have the impression that youre such a busy and prolific person. Anyway.... this piece made me smile. I love your uplifting work.
How old do you have to get before you realize how much your parents sacrificed?

Nice work.

What a great idea for this topic!, and I like the colors you have used here.

Awesome, funny and beautiful! Really terrific colors.
I really like all the shades of pink, and the prettiness of the floral print dress.
Very beautiful!
lovely illo
So true, I sacrificed my figure as well as sleep and a social life but my two little angels more than make up for it! Lovely illo!
Good one, Claudine! I love the look on her face:> This is just so's a sacrifice, but a happy one:>
Love your work! Good luck with the HGTV interview!! I'll be watching for it. PS make sure you tell us air dates!
loved it again, now you made me addicted to your blog, have to come back every week.
Oh how true... and what an adorable way to show it. Wonderful!
brilliant and fun interpretation. Love your style, jx
:) very cute illo! I really love it :)))
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