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Spent today toggling between laundry, commissions, and care taking of Toby.

Toby is having a really hard time.

He's so annoyed that when his tail curls up, it touches the part where they shaved him for surgery. It tickles and then he turns around and growls at his tail. Not much I can do. I trimmed his tail fur as low as it can go. So this means he doesn't want to walk anywhere because it tickles so he has to be carried from pee-pee spot to pee-pee spot outside so he can do his business.

When our Vet called today to see how he was doing, he recommended buying some
Neosporin Plus, because it has a numbing effect and might help. I hope it comes in a spray because right now I can't see him letting me spread it on his skin. The baby sock is staying on, thanks to all your suggestions!

Tonight we are off to see
Dave Chappelle! Should be fun! I am reluctant to leave Toby, but I think he'll be OK for a couple hours.
THat's a cute clever image!
he's 8 years old. But since we got him from rscue we've only had for 4 1/2 years. I can only imagine how grumpy he'll be when he's elderly!! But we love him anyway!!
opps! I stand corrected from paul. actually, he's 7 1/2, he'll be 8 in December. I wish he'd never get older!!
Thanks for coming over to Funky Finds! I recently found this site: Maybe you can find something stylish for Toby there. :) I can't wait to hear how the Dave Chappelle show went!
Oops, that last comment was really from me. :-) I was helping a friend post some stuff on his blog. Toodles!
Awwe poor Mr. Toby. Makes me sad to thing he is not a happy boy. Hopefully the Neosporine will help. Hope your evening was fun!
An absolute comedic GENIUS!
A friend of mine does house and pet sitting in our area and she had an elderly couple who left a Specific TV program schedule to turn on for their 2 cats =) Cracked me up.
Sending healing energy to sweet Mr Toby.
I was looking for that podcast you and Paul were going to post on the 20th and I can't find it? Am I looking in the wrong place? Help!

we're still editing it, it's been a busy week with toby etc. We plan to air it this weekend!

thanks for checking in!
I bought tickets to see Dave for my boyfriend's birthday about three years ago - it was the best show ever!

Hope you had fun - wish I could have seen this post on Wednesday, so I could tell you to be excited :)
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