illustration friday - jungle
At first I wasn't very inspired by this week's IF theme of jungle, but then as I was working the idea grew. I did this piece quickly as a warm up and ended up having a lot of fun with it.

If this piece had a quote to go with it, it would be "Maude and Milly couldn't believe their luck"

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How original! It shows that you had a good time here. Excellent work!
I love the paper cut style and the black line great! I laughed when I saw it, and then when I read the quote - I laughed again. Thanks for that.
nothing like spotting mens underwear!!! too funny claudine. i love it!
haha that is v funny!
Love the title, you've just made me really laugh!
Delightful per usual!
love it - especially with your title, judy x
Refreshing and hilarious. Thanks Claudine.
This is adorable! i love the clothesline!
This is so fun! I love it!
Your art is so fun! I love it!!
Cotton briefs don't chaffe in the Equatorial sun!

Really great work.

spicey! SPICEY!

wonderful art and so tongue in cheek lol
Haha, realy funny! And a nice style, too.
Its funny and pretty too!
Ohh! Once again I love your work! Great style and a great idea! Well done!
thank you

for likeing my stuff and your nice comments
I like your stuff too
thank you


too funny! Somehow I suspect Mr. Toby will be wanting a pith helmet of his own soon! Just the fashion accessory for his toothy grin!

glad good things are happening for all of you - hug the furfaces!
HE HE HE!!! TOO TOO FUNNY!!!! I love your sense of humor and this collage!
Hah! This is a hoot! I just love the looks on their faces...they seem to be very proper, but they look so naughty with the camera. I really like the combination of media you used, and the limited colors make it have a very ubified appearance. Good one...I'm chuckling:>
thanks everyone fot wonderful compliments! I am thrilled you like it. I really appreciate it!
Claudine, this is genius. :-)
This is so funny!
And they must be fashionable boys -leopard print is so "in" this year!
Very fun image:)
Now that's *my* kind of safari! Ha!
very funny - love the undies!
Love the ladies and the underwears.
This is great! lol!
I like a lot, it´s a funny work.
Very fun :-)
You are very talented.
Oh my, you definitely got inspired! This is terrific.
what fun indeed… well done…
Outstanding take on the theme. Cheers!
Fabulous! Love the safari Tarts!

The Tart
; )
This is great! I like how you mix photos and drawing - your style is really unique.

I love these collages!
so smart!! leopard prints pants hanging on the real jungle! so nice!!

I love it, your work is great. Love how the clothes have jungle print & the title is brilliant!
Ha! I love your sense of humor and your steller use of patterns!
I can't get over how cute the tightie whities look on the line.
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