home from the vet
Yay! Toby is back from the vet and from his dental cleaning + lump removal!

The lumps that were removed didn't look serious (re: no cancer) so that is great and his teeth are super white.

Poor little guy is exhausted and uncomfortable from the sutures. Paul just ran out to get little baby socks, because he is already scratching one of the sutures with his hind leg. So we thought a sock on that paw would at least help stop his nails from tearing out the stitches. I know he's not going to like wearing a sock! But hey at least he doesn't have to wear one of those lampshade collars.

I am so glad it's over and I bet Toby is too! Now I can get back to work, it was so difficult to concentrate all day!


I have tried the socks....Shamus gets them I duct tape them in place.....
Glad he is done!


good tip on the tape, he keeps taking the sock off. We'll try it. He's in quite a state now, growling at his stitches and making pittiful sounds. It's heartbreaking.

poor guy!!
Poor little guy!
Claudine: when on of my brood has stitches I put tape on an "uninvolved" limb and let him get annoyed by and work to take off that "bandage." At least is slows him down some! jood

seems to me years & years ago we used sports tape to help keep the sock on - easier on the fur. I had never heard the distraction idea - but putting it on the other limb seems like a good distraction!

what a grumbler the little guy is!

as much as I miss our girls, can't say I miss that stone in your stomach feeling when you have to leave them for treatment. ugh.

our best to all...
Ohhhh (MR TOBY))) you are having a rough summer little guy!
Jack had a crazy allergy for 2 weeks that caused him to scratch wounds on his head- we tried baby socks with painters tape so it wouldnt rip his hair out upon removal.
Healing snuggles to ((TOBY)))
HE ! HE!! This little story and pict makes me smile! Glad he is feeling better!
Hi Claudine...I just started reading your blog and it's great...always inspiring! Toby is the cutest dog...what a sweet little soul. So glad he's home and doing well.

Poor baby! Glad the diagnosis was good! Our doggies are our babies aren't they? My Gipper just CAN'T understand why he can't sit next to me - WHILE I PAINT THE HALLWAY! (OK, I've had to wash paint off him twice so far...)
thanks for all the tips! We used first aid tape wrapped just around the sock, to hold it on and it seems to be working. He doesn't like wearing it!

So far he's just totally annoyed. His tail curls up and tickles his naked spot where they shaved him for the surgery, so as soon as he feels that he turns around and growls at his tail. it's funny and sad. Poor little guy!!!!
Que buenos trabajo... me gusta como trabajas con el collage... increible...
(grat work)...
Suerte y saludos desde Buenos Aires...
Best regards...
I can understand how you feel for your little Toby. Hope that he's fine.
Glad to know Mr. Toby came thru ok and hope he will be able to get thru the annoyance of stitches soon. Sending big hugs his way from me and Miss Beula.
this dog is fantastic!
here's a link to a photo of Toby sporting his sock:
I'm soooo GLAD Toby is alright! Now get some sweet dreams rest! It is soooo stressful on us when a loved one is sick!(((Claudine)))
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