toby has an ouchie
Toby had to go back to the vet. He had an eye infection brewing. Even though we treat his dry eye troubles with lubricating gel 5 times a day, he still gets an infection now and then. So off to the vet we went!

Poor little guy gets so scared every time we go, he tucks his little head underneath my arm and tries to hide (I secretly like this because it's the only time he'll snuggle with me). I promised him no needles and this time I was able to keep my promise. But we are going to have to go in for a dental cleaning in a few more weeks. Oh I dread the dental. It's been 4 years since he's had his last one so it's time. I hate anesthesia, I always worry so much. I'll have to be extra brave for that!

He was supposed to have a bath tonight but I thought he'd been through enough today, we'll put it off until tomorrow. Shhh .... don't tell Toby!


ohhhh... poor Mr. Toby (gentle hugs). ITs so hard when our "best furry friends" ) are struggling and we can't make it better.
Poor little Toby. He reminds me so much of my cat, Ralph. God Bless Him. He's got such a delicate constiution to match his delicate personality.
Claudine-I have 3 darling pugs that have problems now and then...I use homeopathic cures from a place called Pet Medicine Chest...a friend recommended it and it has worked wonders for several different problems...I'm not connected to them in anyway, other than a happy customer...good luck Toby!
Hope Mr. Toby is starting to feel better.
awwe. get well soon!
Hope little Toby is feeling better today. Our big baby, Riley was at the vet most of this morning...he has a rash from fly bite, ...3 shots later, with a bag of shampoos and medicine he happily climbed back into the car. He empathizes with Toby!~
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