it's a heck of a town
We made it in to the big city! I barely slept last night, my mind was racing thinking about the show, worrying about Toby, the cats, etc. etc. So I only got a couple hours of sleep between thinking of things to do before we left -- such as -- adding Post-its to our toilet lids to remind the cat sitter that Maggie likes to put her toys in the toilets so the lids have to stay shut.

We got to
our hotel, which is the most hip Sheraton I have ever seen. It seems it is run entirely by 20-somethings complete with techno music in the lobby. When Paul and I walked in we looked at each other and said "are we cool enough to stay here?" It's a nice hotel and good price considering how expensive NYC is in May + free highspeed internet - yay!

We couldn't check in right away so we left our luggage and had an amazing lunch at
Le Zie 2000. Yummy! Super Yummy! Almost like really being in Italy the food was that good. So paul and I spent most of our lunch talking about how we can't wait for my workshop in Italy in April to have lots and lots of yummy food!

We got to see the Chelsea market, then we crashed, had a nice long nap and now it's time for dinner! We think we'll be tourists and see Times Square after having dinner at
a Vegetarian restaurant that Paul picked out for us.


Hey Claudine,

I didn't realize you were showing up at Surtex. When you are at NSS...have a great visit with Erica at Paper Bride. The veggie restaurant you are going to looks awesome. Have fun !
if you like indian food try dawat on E58th. its amazing.
Oh I'm so jealous! I decided to plan better and go next year. Have fun!
Thanks for sharing the link to Blossom. I confess that as much as I love animals, I am not a vegetarian, but menus like that at Blossom challenge me to change my ways. Thanks Claudine & Paul - enjoy nyc!
I'll have the Voss water no ice with lemon wedges to get the digestive fires going. Then I'll have the tofu beet salad to start. Followed by the pumpkin gnocchi with a side of sauteed spinach. My apertif will be a cup of the hibiscus tea and a scoop of coconut orange sorbet.

Paul's paying, right? ;o)
So glad you are having fun. Toby OK. Just got back for a slow, slow, slow walk. He was very good while I was at the party. Hoping he'll eat soon but you told me not to worry.
hi guys!

that Vegan restaurant was AMAZING! I can't wait to go back. I have been a vegetarian for 16 years and have not tasted food like that for veggies. So GOOD!

Just FYI incase some of you are in the area :)
kudos to Paul!

what a great looking restaurant - what did you order?!

have lots of fun - we know you are cool enough for that Sheraton!

all the best,
Oo! That place sounds so good! Is your husband a vegetarian as well? I'm one, but my husband is not, so it makes eating out (and eating in for that matter) pretty difficult sometimes. But I'd expect NYC to be hip on the veggie/vegan scene. ;)
I'm so glad you are staying in a COOL~ HIP ~ HOTEL! Almost every restaurant in NYC has at least one or more Meat Free Options!
Take a taxi to Little Italy and enjoy fabulous ITALIAN food , or at least a scrumptious desert from any of the bakeries there.
I hope you take lots of pictures at the show!
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