too much good tv
I had a busy day in the studio today which was good, feeling a little bit more caught up after the trip to Dallas.

I did have to leave to pick up a refill of toby's skin medicine but I managed to get back to work, a rare event after leaving the house. I have a lot to get done before Paul and I leave for NYC on Saturday for Surtex and the National Stationery Show.

There is so much good TV on tonight I can hardly stand it!

The Amazing Race - please! oh please! Don't let the Frat boys win! I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed they are not the winners. I heart the hippies, but we'll have to see!

Then there is the
Top Chef finale, I might have to tape that. And Lost too! We can't get our VCR to tape while we watch another show so I think I'll watch Lost during the Amazing Race commercials. Lost's story line moves at such a glacial pace it shouldn't be hard to catch up!
Watching Lost is kind of like watching soap opera's isn't it? A lot of time is put into reaction shots, then commercial, then rewind a minute to get those reaction shots again, rinse. repeat.

That said, I LOVE Lost. But, I've missed a few eps this season and don't fret about it too much because I prefer to get the season DVD's and make a day of on the couch, watching my shows without interuption from commercials. They are so much better viewed that way.

Do consider TIVO. We don't know what we'd do without it. We're so spoiled now!
yay! the Hippies won! Paul and I are so excited!
Oops...I read your comments before the show aired here so now I know who won! Tyler is a local boy: he went to University CA Santa Cruz and I live in Santa Cruz! Oh well...I'm a Top Chef girl, myself. I'm drinking coffee now to stay awake! jood

do you have DISH? ours is now set up to record 2 shows at once. plus, you can watch a recorded show while you record 2 shows, wow. sounds like a tv junkie, huh? not really. just like to expediantly view certain programs and invariably they are on at the same time. DISH PVR is the best we have tried.

just a thought. if you are like me, i like what i like but i don't want to obligate myself to the full hour of viewing. express immediate gratification.

love the tv dude!
y'all have fun in NY!

LOVE Top Chef! Of course I am a CSI junkie and tonight is the FNIALE for that! Its amazing sometimes that I manage to get everything done in a day that I do..LOL!
Re: Woohoo! The Hippies won. I just loved their attitude and the way they enjoyed every place the whizzed thru! They were so friendly and easygoing. Great season!
Now, American Idol is a whole 'nuther story. . .
urrggh! After Chris was kicked, I had to be talked into watching this week. Now that Elliot is gone, I haven't the least interest in seeing the rest of it.
No no no! Must. Watch. Lost! :) It may move slowly, but if you watch carefully, there's a plethora of mega clues hidden throughout! Did you see the "Hanso" commercials that were slipped in with regular commercials? They give a web address (different every week) and phone number to call and get clues! Yipee! I'm a huge nerd when it comes to Lost. :)
Those Hanso commercials totally freaked me out!!!!
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