I had a really busy weekend getting ready to teach in Dallas later this week. Last night I barely slept, my mind was racing thinking of all the things to do before I leave.

I hate that.

Tonight I made the dreaded trip to Kinko's to copy my workshop handouts. I hate going to Kinko's, I don't know what it is about that place but I dread going there. It's like getting a shot, the anticipation is always worse than the actual event. Whenever the Kinko's trip is done, I always think "that wasn't so bad was it?"

Thanks for all the Toby well wishes! I think he has forgiven me for the trip to the vet + the bath all in one day.

I am exhausted, I'm going to get to sleep.
Well, let me just personally thank you for taking the trip to Kinkos! I'm looking forward to taking some of the hand-outs home next week! See you soon. (By the way, I adore Kinkos! Am I crazy?)
That's so sad. I wish I worked at your location, Claudine, I'd make it all better. A Kinkos slave . . .
I was walking w/my mom Saturday, and we passed a woman pushing a stroller. I looked, did a doubletake & said, "That woman was pushing a dog in that stroller!" Mom was in disbelief. I had to tell her about your episode w/your neighbors thinking you had adopted. Mom got a good laugh out of that one. We still can't figure out how the walk is beneficial to dogs if they aren't walking!? LOL
funky finds -- we walk toby until he's really tired and then we put him in the stroller and so he can be with us while we do our "people walk" he's a Pekingese so he can't go very far and you have to be careful about overheating.

Keely -- if you worked at my Kinkos I would LOVE going. Can't wait to take the class with you in Dallas on my day off!!
Yeah, I hate going to Kinkos too. Thanks for so aptly describing this unfortunate relationship with this printing giant. It is so helpful when someone you like and respect
confirms the dread surrounding Kinkos-related homework.
I am getting my nerve up to do a major Kinkos run to prepare for three days worth of classes with Juliana Coles.
Really looking forward to studying Juliana, but the prep work including color photocopies of family pictures is giving me the willies. I like going to Kinkos after 8pm because it tends to be less clogged with deadline bearing
people. Thanks Claudine....
I like to go on Sunday nights. Also the one I go to is in a touristy area of town near Disney. I have to drive a little further to that one, but it's almost always not super busy.

I always get a little adrenaline rush when I first walk in - praying that there's a working copier open for me. And then I always feel better once I have claimed my copier! LOL!
How long are you gonna be in Dallas? Traci is coming up to Austin to stay with me and I was thinking about going to visit my parents in Dallas so I could swing by and say hello. You have any time for dinner and a drink if I come to town?
I love going to Kinko's. I often make the run with Claudine and adore the hour we spend together having girls' talk. It has become a tradition but I understand why claudine feels pressured. Once we get a copying machine it always seems easier.
just had to add..A couple of years ago I went to the local Kinkos to have some color copies made of my own artwork and they wouldn't do it! They said that the artwork was copyrighted! Yes, I said. By me! They didn't believe me and wouldn't do the copies! Isn't that nuts!? I even showed them my signature and the signature on my driver's license, but they said I couldv'e just put it on the artwork! Needless to say I have found another copy center!!! Crazy!
Aimee, what a story! LOL

Looking forward to your class this I, too, thank you for the trip to the dreaded Kinko's. *wink*

BTW, I had you make a poppet for my husband's birthday about 2 years ago (he's a drummer/instructor and has it hanging in his studio). I told him that you were one of the instructors teaching at the workshop, and he thought that was very cool. :)
LOL, Claudine, I can totally identify. I hate going to Kinko's, Staples or any place I need to make copies at. I've gone so many times and have had problems with machines, no machines available, etc...
One of these days I'm going to get myself a Kinoka Minolta Laser Printer and then I don't have to go to Kinkos or Staples LOL!!!!
Not to mention the $$ I spend there-if I'd just spend it on a machine I'd save myself a small fortune!!!
Have I mentioned how darn lucky those dallas people are?

So I have had my eye on your first book since it came out and then I was super excited about the second book. Well I am trying to be good, but I am definitely hoping to buy copies of both. This weekend however, I went to the library kind of hoping to find your book but doubting it was there. Well I found it in a weird section over by woodworking and I just could not have been more excited. Claudine it is totally completely fabulous! You know how very much i wanted to take your class while you were in WA. I guess this is the next best thing because it is spectacular. I can't wait to get a copy of my own!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!
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