cooking up some good tv
Paul and I made it in late this afternoon, picked up Toby from my mom's and then rushed home to see the kitties. Maggie and Mabel were all cozy and asleep they didn't even miss us one bit! We heart our cat sitter! She is wonderful!

After we got settled, we took my mom
out to dinner to thank her for doggie sitting for us, we also caught her up on our trip. I have to confess we only took two photos. One of a big fat cat in a store window and one of me and Carmi, which I'll have to post later. I am so naughty, I always forget to take photos and it didn't help that we weren't allowed to take photos at either of the shows.

Once we got home after dinner, it was time to catch up on our TV!

I am so glad Harold won on
Top Chef. Yay! I thought he should win from day one, so I was really glad. Paul and I even went online during the show to cast our votes. We didn't really follow American Idol this season so we weren't rooting for anyone there, but the few times I did watch --- that Taylor guy annoyed me with his dancing so I was surprised to find out he won over the cute brunette girl.

We managed to get caught up on
Sopranos and taped it for my mom. She taped Lost for me, so I haven't seen it yet. shhh don't tell me what happens!
This is so funny. I missed the final episode of Top Chef and was wondering who won. So what did I do to find out the answer? Go to the Bravo TV websight? Naw! I went directly to YOUR blog, because I just knew you would have a post about it! I am SOOOOO happy Harold won too!
I rooted for Harold, too. He may need re-hab by the time he opens up his restaurant given the amount of alcohol he seems to crave! And did you see the teaser for the new Project Runway this summer? At least there'll be one show worth watching once all the re-runs commence. ~Sharon
Lost was *sooo* good! Have you watched it yet? On Wikipedia, they have a section called "lostpedia" and there's a lot of good info for all kinds of show related stuff.
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