ready for take off
I finally got all packed. It takes me all day to pack for one of these trips. I spend so long making sure I have all the class supplies, then when I go to pack my clothes I just throw things in.

My luggage is really heavy and I am sure I'm going to have to pay fees for the extra weight. Oh well. I would have spent the same amount on shipping so it all works out in the end.

Whenever I am packing it always makes me think of things I feel need to get done around the house. Like, oh I should clean my make-up brushes, I need to vacuum the floors, I should fill the bird feeders. Why this always happens, I have no idea. Maybe I feel like I need to get everything "just so" in order to leave.

Oh good news! Toby's thyroid tests are normal and the new medicated shampoo seems to be working. So yay!

I'll be bringing my lap top with me so I'll be blogging from Dallas! See you later!

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your work is always so very fitting for your blog topics...i love that!

Hope you have a great time in Dallas...I had to pay that HEAVY fine on the way to artfest...I was 5 lbs over.

Glad to hear about Toby!
Safe travels!! ;-)
Safe journey darling. Sorry I didn't get to phone to say goodbye. It was a busy night at work.
Have a fun time in Dallas.
Glad Toby's Dr. test results were good.
i can SOOOO relate to your comment about leaving your house. my house is far from organized (that's an understatement) but whenever i leave on a trip, the day before i leave it's like i notice it for the first time and want to get everything just right before i leave, and of course it can't possibly happen as it would take days. but maybe i'll take a Q-tip to the refrigerator grate and get that super clean anyway...crazy!!!

have a great time in dallas, claudine!
I love your lady with the suitcase!

Have a lovely time in Dallas!

xo ~Izabella
Have a safe journey and a fun fun time!! Glad to hear Mr. Toby is doing better.
Hi Claudine,
SO glad to here MR TOBY is good =)
Have safe and fun travels and I look forward to your DALLAS REPORTS.
Lovely lovely! I am so glad to hear the Toby's thyroid is doing A-ok! Wishing you all the best for your dallas trip!
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