rainy day in the city
We spent most of the day trying to get together with Karen, I am dying to see her and her baby Nico, but what started out as a nice sunny day ended up being blustery and rainy and it was just too much for her to bring Nico out in the rain.

Paul and I started the day by going to the
Guggenheim. They failed to mention that it was under construction on the web site so we were disappointed to find out we could only see a little bit of the collection. We had lunch at le Pain Quotidien -- AMAZING food! Yum! yum yum!

Then we headed to Central Park but the wind and rain kicked up so we ended up at
The Met. A perfect place to wait for the rain to stop.

For dinner we met up with Carmi and her friend Edie at
Danal (cute place and great food!) Then we headed to The Blue Man Group. Parts of it I really liked, parts of it really grossed me out. So much that I actually got a gag reflex. I am easily grossed out and I especially couldn't stand the parts where they shoved enormous amounts of food into their mouths. Ick. If those parts weren't in the show I would have totally loved it.

Tomorrow morning we'll be up early to head to
Surtex and the National Stationery Show. We're going to hear a talk that Mary Engelbreit is giving on licensing. I'm excited!


Hey Claudine- glad to see you are having a blast in NY. Blue Man group never did that when I saw them- gross!!! So thanks for visiting my blog. It would be even better if I could figure out how to not have duplicate photos ha ha. It will all come in time right???

-PS Got my Art book you recommended today via amazon. They are fast! whohoo I'm highlighting and already looking it over with a fine tooth comb.
Hi Claudine,
You are making me miss NYC so much! Sounds like the perfect Met morning! Enjoy your time in the city!
That's so funny! When I saw them, they stuffed balls full of non-toxic paint in their mouths, then spit the paint out on a canvas. I kept choking thinking of what might go down the back of my throat if I had put that many in my mouth. It was disturbing to say the least. I thought I was the only one. Now I know there are at least two other people.

That "le Pain Quotidien" looks wonderful. I love naturally leavened bread. So much better for you than yeast breads. Fresh French bread is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. Mmmmmmmmm.

I am so jealous of your getting to hear a talk on licensing by Mary Engelbreit! If she has any wonderful tips for the trade, do share!

I am vacationing in New York vicariously through your blog posts. It looks like an absolute blast. Have a great time!
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