i'm a busy girl
I spent today concentrating on work that I need to finish up before Paul and I leave on Saturday. I also ran some errands, gave Toby a bath, did laundry, and I am sure some other things that I am forgetting.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. The day before we go out of town always is crazy!

If all goes as planned, I'll do a little more work, then clean the house. I like to get the house all nice and clean before Paul and I leave. I don't want the cat sitter to think we have a messy home!!

OK lot's to do tomorrow! So I'm going to have an early night!
The cat sitter will only be on to you if she reads your blog.

How do you like having cat sitters? Me and my hubby are going out of town for 8 days at the end of June and I'm trying to decide if I should hire the one who works at my vet's office. We have a friend who can stop in, but he's not very good at doing it every day (Yikes!). I don't like to board my pets because every time I do, they come home with a cold and dirty manes. That and my oldest is a nervous creature with a heart murmur who always gets these strange expensive stress illnesses after his routine and his humans have been removed for any length of time. (sigh) So high maintenance, that one. The other cat, Paul*, could have a good time in a dog kennel. He doesn't care so long as someone is present to pet and feed him. He loves everyone.....except my other cat. ;o)

This trip I won't be able to obsess too much over cleaning the house before we leave because we are having painters come in and redo the whole place ceiling to floor. Everything's going to get moved and shuffled and whatnot. No point in making it spic and span with all the fingerprints it'll receive. But, what a treat it will be to come home to a sparkly bright, newly painted interior that I didn't have to do myself. Otherwise, I'd be doing what another poster to your blog comments did when she last had to leave town: cleaning my refrigerator grill for no good reason.

Have a blast in New York!!!

(*Is there something about naming a person or animal "Paul" that automatically transforms them into easygoing, flexible beings???)
We love, love, love having a cat sitter. Laura, our cat sitter is amazing. It's cheaper than boarding the two cats and also less stress on the kitties and on use. We come and usually they don't even get up, it's like they didn't even know we were gone. our kitty Mabel needs to take lots of medicine so we have our sitter visit twice a day. Plus it just makes me feel good knowing they are in the care of someone licensed and able to deal with any emergencies that (god forbid) might occur.
Awesome! Thank you. I will definitely look into it, then.
Have a wonderful time in NYC!
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