busy busy
I was really busy today. I'm working hard to finish up all the Mother's Day commissions before I leave in a week to teach in Dallas. Whew!

Here's a scan of three ATCs (artist trading cards) that I made for
Bernie's book. I am excited to be in her book! I was assigned 3 techniques and had to use one technique per card.

For the middle card I was asked to incorporate a page from a phone book. At first I had no idea what to do so I started looking through the phone book to get ideas. When I came across "dating services" right away an idea popped into my head --- a woman thinking about a using a dating service to find herself a man. It was a great way to get an idea for an artwork, who's have thought using the phone book could be so inspirational!? I think I'll try using the phone book to get ideas again!

I missed
Blow Out tonight because I was watching House. So I'll have to catch it on a re-run. oh the suspense!
We are so grateful for all your prayers and compassion during this heart breaking time.
Love the ATC's! One of the things I love about your work is it is so greatly Original that I can spot it anywhere =)
oh man....i forgot "House" was on last night....drat...smiles, andra
Love the cards!!! I will absolutely be purchasing this book.
LOL! I've got some friends and family who have all tried the online dating services with disastrous results. There's some crazies out there, I tell ya! So, I snicker when I see this card. I want to tell the lady in the image, "No! Don't do it!" hee hee

LOL! And I don't know if you can see but in the book text cut out next to her it says:

"he really was the most disturbing man she had ever met"

hee hee
Love the cute ATC's! Have a safe and wonderful trip!
Love these ATCs, especially the dating service one, and especially now that you mentioned it says, "he really was the most disturbing man she had ever met"
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