the big clean-up
As I predicted it was a long day of cleaning today. And as usual I found new cleaning projects to work on that didn't really have to be done, but I felt compelled to do them anyway. Why I get on these cleaning binges before I have travel I have no idea. At least it's productive.

I washed the slip covers for our two wing chairs, which had not been laundered in three years. Wow! lots of pet hair. And now I remember why I hadn't cleaned them in so long, they are a nightmare to get back on the chairs! It's like solving the Rubix Cube.

I did loads and loads and more loads of laundry and then scrubbed the house. Even washed the duvet and duvet cover. Then put the bed back together again. Whenever I put the duvet cover on the duvet I always think of that game we had to play in PE in grade school with the parachute. Did you ever play that? Where you get in a circle around a parachute and shake it so it floats in the air, then you'd run underneath it. What was the point of that game? What were we supposed to learn? I still wonder.

We took Toby over to my Mom's house tonight. He's all set and snuggled down. She even took off of work for a few days to baby sit him! Now that's a good Grandma! Still, it was hard to leave him, But we can't not go anywhere because we don't want to leave our pets -- then people would really think we were crazy!

OK! I'll be blogging from the Big Apple! See you soon!
Girl, then Brian and I must be crazy, because our vacation last month is the FIRST we've taken in the 10 years we've been married...because we don't want to leave our dogs! ha! Now, we have gone on vacation with them, but this was the first time without them. Fortunately, grandpa came from St. Louis to baby sit them. :) I wonder if that will ever happen again..? Hmmm.

After reading all you've accomplished, I'm feeling a bit guilty for the things I haven't gotten done around the house. Not to mention the flower beds need weeding and all that. Yikes.

Have a safe trip!
I'm so excited for you! This trip is the beginning of more big things for you... plus you've have a ton of fun.
Have a safe trip to NY! It was great meeting you yesterday.

I'm with you gari-ann. I am feeling this enormous weight of guilt right now. LOL

Sometimes I think I want to get rid of all my furniture but the bare necessities so I have less to clean up or around. But, then I think about how it would make my home less warm and cozy if I did that.
So I am definitely crazy...5 dogs and 4 cats...too hard / too many to leave with a sitter. Vacations have to be dog friendly.
oh claudine,

but at least you have the option to be crazy and not leave your pets! i still find myself thinking we need to get home to the spot sisters! so many ways to be crazy!!!

have a great trip!
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