weekend is here!
Howdy folks! Well, the weekend is finally here. Ok, their best Homer Simpson impression say.....WOOHOO!

Only a couple more days until Claudine gets home! I talked with her yesterday but she only had a couple seconds to chat because there were only 30 minutes between teaching and vending night at artfest. She brought some sketches and books to sell so hopefully it went well. She must have been wiped out after all that.

Today is another busy day for her but fortunately, she's just about finished. Saturday has been significantly less hectic for me! Let's see...I took Toby out for several walkies, tended to the kitties, mowed the lawn, had lunch, took a HUUUUGE nap and washed the car.

Tonight, I'll be super-extra busy sitting on the couch and watching the Final Four college basketball games. It's very hard work but somebody has to do it! Anybody wanna predict the champion? My money is on UF but I'm biased because we live in Florida. Well, that's it for now. Signing off..over and out.


Nah, LSU's got Baby Shaq.
LSU's tough. Hope they can manage a win 2night. Would be great to see an all-SEC final. By the way, I'm sure Claudine never imagined the phrase "all-SEC final" would appear on her blog!
See what happens when you let a boy post stuff! :)
Well Paul, because there are no ACC teams in it, I was pulling for the underdog. But, Mason just lost and it's no wonder; they were completely out-of-sync, weren't they? Now, I predict Florida takes it all!
2nd period checkin...........Okay, never mind about LSU. My hubby is from L.A. He'll appreciate this, I'm sure. Pout.

(sprinkling testosterone all over Claudine's blog)
LOL Jelaine, thanks for the post. Seems like LSU just ran out of energy. Suzanne, wierd how there were no ACC teams in the final four this year. I'm sure the conference will REBOUND next year..heh heh, pun intended!
Hi Paul,
well i am no bball expert, but UCLA is sure playing well tonight!
I cannot get over the size of that 300 pounder. Its like watching a linebacker running down the court!
So glad all is well with Claudine. Please send her hugs =)
marybeth, that guy is HUGE isn't he? I'll give her big hugs when she gets home!
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