way too much thinking
Last night I had such a hard time getting to sleep, my mind was racing with pressing issues like: remember to buy light bulbs, did I fill that prescription?, is the front door locked? don't forget to buy more cat litter...... etc etc.

I was up until 2am thinking of all sorts of silly things that didn't really need dealing with just then. I tried reading, drinking warm milk, even Tylenol PM, but nothing was making me sleepy. arrrugh! I hate it when that happens!

So needless to say, today was a little slow. I did manage to get a little work done and I'm going to try and get an early night so maybe tomorrow I'll be friskier. I hope so!

Here's a PoppetTM Sketch commission that I finished up and sent off! What a sweet family! I love all the critters! The one little kitty got cut off in my scanner, but he's all there in real life.
Magnesium. It works every time. Usually at the vitamin shop or at Trader Joes they have powdered magnesium that you can put in water, or a calcium/magnesium combo that works well. If you have a cup of warm milk with some magnesium powder in it, you'll be dead to the world before you know it. I also like CalMagFizz which you can buy at the health food store. It's powdery like EmergenC or Airborne, and it comes in lots of great flavors, and when I take that in the evening, I get all warm and fuzzy and sleepy. If that doesn't work, try a capsule of 5HTP, tryptophan is what it is. I used to take that instead of chemical stuff like Tylenol PM (BAD for the liver) back when I had trouble sleeping. There's nothing more annoying than laying there with your endless mental list when you just want to sleep.
hi there-from your "bathroom buddy!"
walmart has a sleep aid-over the counter-that i take one (not 2) to help me fall asleep-won't be totally oblivious and won't wake up w/hangover feeling either. (equate nighttime sleep aid) has diphenhydramine-
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