way too much thinking
Last night I had such a hard time getting to sleep, my mind was racing with pressing issues like: remember to buy light bulbs, did I fill that prescription?, is the front door locked? don't forget to buy more cat litter...... etc etc.

I was up until 2am thinking of all sorts of silly things that didn't really need dealing with just then. I tried reading, drinking warm milk, even Tylenol PM, but nothing was making me sleepy. arrrugh! I hate it when that happens!

So needless to say, today was a little slow. I did manage to get a little work done and I'm going to try and get an early night so maybe tomorrow I'll be friskier. I hope so!

Here's a PoppetTM Sketch commission that I finished up and sent off! What a sweet family! I love all the critters! The one little kitty got cut off in my scanner, but he's all there in real life.
Hi Claudine:
I just checked out the book link you posted--I can't wait to read this....thank you for your recommendation. Appreciate your book, TV and movie recs a great deal.
Magnesium. It works every time. Usually at the vitamin shop or at Trader Joes they have powdered magnesium that you can put in water, or a calcium/magnesium combo that works well. If you have a cup of warm milk with some magnesium powder in it, you'll be dead to the world before you know it. I also like CalMagFizz which you can buy at the health food store. It's powdery like EmergenC or Airborne, and it comes in lots of great flavors, and when I take that in the evening, I get all warm and fuzzy and sleepy. If that doesn't work, try a capsule of 5HTP, tryptophan is what it is. I used to take that instead of chemical stuff like Tylenol PM (BAD for the liver) back when I had trouble sleeping. There's nothing more annoying than laying there with your endless mental list when you just want to sleep.
hi there-from your "bathroom buddy!"
walmart has a sleep aid-over the counter-that i take one (not 2) to help me fall asleep-won't be totally oblivious and won't wake up w/hangover feeling either. (equate nighttime sleep aid) has diphenhydramine-
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