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We found out that our neighbors have been talking about us. The couple who live behind us thought we had adopted a child! We ran into our neighbor while walking Toby in his stroller and he looked inside and smiled real big and said "so you didn't adopt!"

He told us that they kept seeing us walking with a stroller and then last week (when we had our niece over) they heard child voices and they put two and two together and decided that we must have adopted! This totally cracked me up! I wonder how many other neighbors think we suddenly had a baby.

I had a little giggle when I imagined his surprise when he realized that we have our dog in the stroller! I would have loved to have been there when he went home and told his wife "hey they didn't adopt a child, they are walking their dog in the stroller" hee hee!

Good TV on tonight!
Amazing Race (mo-jo and the frat boys have got to go. I heart the hippies!) and Top Chef (Stephen needs to go too!)

night night!
Watch. Someone on the block will get this confused and start an accidental rumor that you did adopt a child who is afflicted with excess body hair.
claudine! you crack me up!
the online store is closing in....
will let you know when it is ready.
too much stuff all at one time!
hugs to baby toby!
oh my goodness! toby looks so adorable in that stroller - and he should, he has the best parents in the world! hee, hee! thanks for sharing such antics!
Yay Stephen is off!
He's Gone! He's Gone! Yipee!!!
oh Claudine - this is too funny for words! Jack suggested maybe a bonnet for Tobi to add to the surprise for the rest of the neighbors?! Well, you know Jack's sense of humor! Do love your lady with the doggie stroller!

Hey, I'm watching Top Chef while I catch up - unbeliveable!
RE: Top Chef

yay! now Stephen is gone. I don't even know who I am rooting for to win. I just wanted him off. LOL!
Sooo silly! Love it!
Atleast they were forthcoming about their assumption and didn't continue gossipping! :)

I 'heart' the hippies too...they are so cool and are really enjoying every experience and culture and cheering each other on. I really don't like the frat boys or Mo-Jo either...sad that Fran & Barry were out, they kicked butt on the bikes didn't they!? What a great couple!
Oh that Toby is so cute in his stroller!!!
What a relief....I thought I was the only one who had a stroller for my dogs! Does Toby have a car seat?

OF COURSE Toby has a car seat! LOL! Actually people laugh at us about the car seat but it's really so much safer, if you have to stop quickly then they are nice and safe! We have this one: and we love it!
Toby looks adorable - so cute!! And I am so happy Stephen is gone - the spoon thing was just too much! Jeesh. . .
Although I have no idea who I want to win - I sort of thought Dave would be voted off a few episodes ago. But now the last two challenges he did well and saved the teams. Especially the episode before - him and Stephen hosting. Oh was Stephen driving me crazy!!
That's hysterical! I call my neighbor Mrs. Kravitz...the nosey neighbor from Bewitched...
Yay! Steven is gone....what a pompous jerk...
I love Toby's snaggle teeth! He's adorable..
Yep...that's the one (car seat). Ours is getting shabby so I'm thinking about getting this one
Oh my goodness, this is so hilarious!

I am a new doggy owner & just wondering why you have your puppy in a stroller?! :)

I did buy a car seat too..our new addition to the family is only 3 pounds full grown, I can only imagine what could happen if we had to stop quickly~ you can see her on my blog...she's sooo cute!!
xo ~Izabella

hi there! we like to Toby in the stroller only when we go on long walks, he's a pekingese and he can't walk too far. This way Paul and I exercise and we gets to come too! Toby loves it, he gets so excited when he sees his stroller! LOL!
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