i made it!
I'm here in Coupeville, WA! Here's a photo of the view from my hotel. I am so spoilt teaching here at the Coupeville Arts Center, I walked in this morning and all the tables were set up with plastic already covering them. Usually I have drag tables around myself, so this was a wonderful luxury!

We had a great first day of
class and two more exciting days to go! Tomorrow night we're invited to a champagne and chocolate tasting at The Compass Rose and then we'll have a group dinner at a local restaurant called Christopher's Front Street Cafe.

Tonight I'll have a quick dinner than I have to work on some PoppetTM Sketches to sell at ArtFest. No rest for the weary.

Oh before I forget, here's a photo of my luggage! I meant to post this last night but I was just too tired. I polka dotted them myself using black gesso and a
sponge dauber. I don't know if I like them with that many polka dots, I think maybe I could give someone an elliptic fit seeing all those dots rolling toward them! Oh well too late now. At least no one will mistake my bags for theirs!


hi claudine!

glad you made it west ok! i've been packing all afternoon - reminds me what you go through so often - wow! but i love your "spotted girls" luggage!

off to cambria in the morning - time to snooze now - and try not to dream of what i forgot to pack!

tomorrow night i'll be staring at the ocean too - happy trails to you!

hugs and best wishes!
Wow- Look at your cute luggage!
glad you made it safely.
love the altered luggage!

So glad you arrived safely. I remember that view and am quite sad I'm not with you on this trip. The people of Coupeville were so kind when I went that year as your helper. Have fun tonight - don't forget to catch Grey's Anatomy. We are having the roof cleaned today so busy, busy, busy.

Love Mummy
Champagne and chocolate?! Divine. Have a wonderful trip.
Love the polka dots on the luggage AND the color of the luggage itself.
I saw the luggage and WANTED it. Now I can make my own. You are a trailblazer!

PS LOVE your second book!
hey cutie! LOVE your luggage - it's simply YOU!!! have missed coming to your blog - i've been boggled down - ugh! hoping to get back to normal again! enjoy your travels and be safe! hugs, rachel
What a clever way to make your luggage your own! Think I'm gonna give it a try myself. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with your classes in WA!!

Take care, Jeanette
Hi Claudine,
Glad all is well in Coupville! I made aWomens Journal Class with Kelly Killmer at A LITTLE BIZARE and your scrap papers were right up front! I tried to buy kids body stamps but all they had left were arms-obviousley they are selling well! I just wanted to pass on the good news =)
Hi Claudine-
My dear friend Jennifer Louden is in your class and says she is having a blast... give her a hug from me, and tell her the Art Police want to see her credentials!
I love the bags! I got hot pink ones for Christmas. I love seeing my husband roll them through the airport for me...very macho! LOL!!
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