guest blogger part 2: the sequel

Hi-ya gang! It's Paul, Claudine's hubby. I'll be substitute blogging again seeing as Claudine can't get an internet connection at ArtFest. Everyone better behave or else, or else, ummmm, hmmm, well nothing will happen, really! All I can do is put your name on the chalkboard and wait for Ms. Hellmuth to return Monday for class, errr blog posting! Speaking of our favorite artist, I just got a call from her. Boy, she's wiped out after a looooong day of teaching. The travel exhausts her but she always seems to find a way to summon enough energy and enthusiasm to teach. She's got tremendous spirit!
Tomorrow she teaches one her favorite classes "Beyond the Unexpected."
After class she has a quick break on then on to vending night. She will have a busy, busy day. She's having a good time with her friend Nina and enjoying hanging out with the students. Not much else to report but I'll keep ya'll posted!
Until next Heidi Klum would say "Auf Wiedersehen!"


Hey, good job Paul! Thanks for keeping us posted on Miss Claudine's activities. What a nice hubby!
Would my name be put on the board if maybe I tossed a paper airplane at the substitute? I was always good in school and this seems like the perfect oppurtunity to be a little rebellious. Besides, it would be so much fun to have my name on the board. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like fun!

You are a wonderful substitute blogger. I for one, hope she is having a fabulous time! Have a great night!
You two are a tandem team extraordinare =)
Send her our love and reminders to take lots and lots of pics!
LOL Paul, your posts for Claudine are always fun.
Hey Paul, lets see some collage? Do you dabble?
You are just too funny Paul!!!
Hope you are keeping those critters in line.
Thanks for all the great posts! Getting your name on the board means DENTENTION!!! (sorry I didn't mention that earlier). In Catholic school the nuns used to put our names up there. If we were extra bad, we would get a "check mark," meaning you would have to stay an extra 15 minutes. Of course, if you were really bad, you could rack up lots of minutes! Either that or a visit to the principal's office.
Oops, had a massive spelling error there. I meant to say DETENTION. sorry. As far as collage is concerned, I leave that to the experts. I took a pottery class a couple months ago and have been enjoying that. My personal standard for making a good pottery piece: something that can actually hold liquid. back to work..weekend almost here..claudine almost home, yay!
paul your a great sub! no spitballs or paper airplanes, we promise :) taking care of the little four-leggeds? thats a great photo of the ywo of you-italy?
anyway i missed out on artfest this year with the new little on in my life & i miss the gang :(
hopefully i'll see you guys soon, keep up the good work!
Thanks Karen! Glad everything is going well with you and your 'lil dude! The critters are doing well. They are always up to mischief!
Well I guess if it means detention ... then *zooom* (airplane at head). Sorry that was simply because I would love to take a class from Claudine which means I would probably adore staying late and learning even more! Thanks again for the great substitute posts! I hope your nice relaxing... oops I mean busy and stressful weekend continues very nicely!
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