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Hey gang, Paul here again! I just listened to Tim Gunn's podcast. I loved the description of the behind the scenes stuff. He said the garden episode was his favorite of the season. He said a lot of the designers were concerned about the plants decomposing. The cost was another issue. They only had $150 to spend. Since the flowers were so expensive, most of them opted for green plants. He was upset the judges didn't understand this. He said he couldn't believe how they went ga-ga over Daniel's design. They acted as if he invented fire just because he added orchids! Good one Timmy! He said Daniel's use of flowers blinded them to any other possible winners. Overall, he really believed all the dresses were magnificant. His top three were Chloe, Kara and Daniel. Nick, Andrae and Santino on the bottom side but only were slightly weaker. He thought they all were very strong pieces. Other interesing observations Tim made about the contestants in this challenge:
- Daniel progressed nicely
- Nick didn't have enough stuff...looks like he ran out of material in the end
- He LOVED Andrae's dress (surprise) because he's a sucker for topiaries
- He liked Santiano's clusters of leaves but didn't quite understand his modernist construction (not sure what that means!)
- Chloe overcame huge obstacles to create a wonderful dress. Tim had a couple of concerns. First, the leaves she used were small, could she get the dress finished in time? Second, would the leaves stay glued on? He was worried the entire thing would fall apart.
- He loves Kara but said she proscrastinates too much. Still, he liked what she designed for this challenge.
- He did talk at length about Santino's impersonation of him. He was a good sport about it because he knows it was a bit of stress relief from the tension of the contest. He found it quite funny but said it was getting to be a bit much, especially the story Santino concocted about Tim and Andrae going to Red Lobster and getting into a fight. He thought it was a bit over the top. Personally, I think Santiano could have impersonated Tim all day and the comedic effect still would not diminish! The "what happened to Andrae?" catchphrase Santino made fun of referred to the time when Tim was looking for Andrae to do a testimonial. Apparently, the tv crew was all set up and everyone else already filmed. Hence, "What happened to Andrae" was born! He said the next challenge is an "unexected surprise." According to the Bravo schedule, the next episode is called "makeover." Claudine thinks they have to make outfits for each other. What do you think? Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen!
I totally agree with Tim! I was so shocked when they made such a big issue about no flowers. Flowers aren't cheap! Maybe next season they'll give more funds if they want to see flowers!

The impersonation bit was h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!

I agree with Claudine- I think that's what it'll be able. Can't wait!!
er, about not able.
Joleen, thanks for the comments. It's such a cool show. I'm always amazed at what they create, even though I'm not really in to fashion.
If they do a makeover on eachother things could get a WEEE bit touchy. Those fragile ego's know no bounds!

I intended after high school to go into fashion/costume design in college. That all changed after my very first costume design class. I spent the semester behind the scenes with the designers, one of which was fresh from Broadway in NY and had an ego the size of Texas. But, beyond that, they were all the biggest bunch of insecure, neurotic whiners and backstabbers I'd ever met. I wanted to sew them all to death just to have some peace. By semester's end I switched to just straight Fine Art. LOL! Now, I laugh about it, but when I got the impression that the PR people were going to make oneanother over, I heard the Psycho soundtrack in the back of my mind and wondered how many of the remaining few would spend the episode in tears. My money's on Kara (I kid!!!.....maybe.)
hi again Paul!

Isn't Tim Gunn's podcasat full of gems!? I also like the e-mail questions he answers each week now, but second to the podcasts.

I was amazed at how practical the designers were last week in choosing plants that would hold up through the runway show. You would have thought the judges could have appreciated that?

Ok, so if Claudine is on to something and they makeover each other - wonder if they are assigned, or choose who they want to make them over, or who to make over? If someone has to work on Santino, heaven help them!

Can't wait till wednesday night! For me it isn't about the fashion, it is all about the challenges and how they are handled.

Paul, are you going to watch it tomorrow, or wait for Claudine?! We don't want to spoil it for you!!
Hi ,
I have such admiration for the designers ability to create under incredible pressure, with frugal funding.
Obviously none of the judges have to "BUDGET" when purchasing fresh flowers. I found their comments to be over-the-top!
Santinos's impression is in my mind ,his saving grace,to having any like ability factor. I wonder how much of his maniacal ego driven megalomania, is scripted or at least encouraged. Every story needs a Protagonist!
Still, I look forward to each new show with a giddy excitement.
Tell Claudine you are doing a fine job "Holding Down the Blog =)

maybe they will make over michael kors and give him undershorts that are a little looser. that guy drives me crazy - he's so uptight and fussy.
It's funny. I wondered about a makeover for Michael Kors, too. I thought that if Santino got ahold of him, he'd probably design him a pair of boxers made from loose pins.....payback. ;o)
Hi ya'll! Unfortunately Karen, I don't think I'll be able to watch runway tonight. I work extra early tomorrow morning so I'll be in dreamland when it comes on. I think there's a replay when Claudine gets home Friday night so I might watch it then. Feel free to post whatever thoughts you might have. It won't ruin it for me! Jelaine, you made the correct choice in switching to a fine art degree. Sounds like fashion school is a little nutty!
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