poppetTM shopping in alabama
I just sent 15 PoppetTM Sketches to a funky little gallery in Birmingham, AL, called A'mano Gifts, if you're in the area check it out, it looks like a super cute store!

It's my first gallery that I am in and hoping to be able to send them more work and find other galleries too! I am excited! One of
my goals for 2006 has already been reached!

Today I actually left the house!
I haven't left the house for a whole week, I have been holed up working away.

So Paul decided it was time for me to get out! We went to see Firewall, which was OK (we weren't expecting it to be great) we wanted something nice and brainless so we could relax.

I spent the whole time upset about Harrison Ford's dog and worrying that the kidnappers would hurt him (I wasn't worried at all if the human family members would be hurt - only the dog!)

Ok time for bed, I've got lots to do tomorrow!
night, night!
Oh Claudine - I am so happy for you! Here is to less travel (for work anyway) and more galleries and licensing!! Congratulations!! »»-(¯`v´¯)–»
how exciting claudine!!! wish i could get away to alabama and see your stuff! cheers to even more galleries and continued success! i'm off to send you a link for something you might want to check out?! you just never know! hugs!
Oh that is TOO funny! Being upset about the dog more than the humans!! I do the same thing!!! I think its because we are so desensitized when it comes to people getting hurt in movies AND real life! Plus, animals are naturally innocent and can't speak up for themselves! Arf arf!Actually, its probably because we are animal lovers!!Congrats on achieving a goal!
I think "Firewall" is a wait-for-DVD rental for me...but too funny about the dog. I am always feeling like that when I watch movies. It's like...sacrifice the wife, kids, etc... but don't touch the pets!!! Grrr! Love today's Poppet!
Yes it's def. a "rental" quality type movie, i might even go further say it's a "wait for it to come on TV" quality movie.
I noticed that on your upcoming adventure to Italy, you'll be visiting Niki's tarot gardens. I simply love her. Her 2nd home was actually my husbands home town of Hannover, Germany. She was an honorary citizen of Hannover. I posted a photo on my blog that I took in her grotto in Hannover last summer - her grotto is located in the Herrenhausen Gartens which are simply lovely. Her nanas are all over Hannover, and the city recently built a passage beneath the main station for shopping after her, I think it's called the Niki de Saint Phalle Passage if I remember correctly. My husband and I actually go back and forth between Boston and Hannover, so I have a strong affection for that city and the more I'm there, the more I understand why Niki loved it so much. More about Hannover here:

More about

Funny, I saw an interview with the cast and director of "Firewall", and Harrison Ford looked so bored in the interview, I kept waiting for him to fall asleep on himself mid-sentence. Now I know why.
Steve and I kept thinking those were Harrison Ford's grandkids! You're right - just a so-so movie.
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