i'm a busy girl
I've been busy today finishing up commissions (here's a little girl commission I did awhile ago).

I'm starting to get things ready for my next

It's still about 4 weeks away, but I'll need to send a bunch of supplies ahead to have enough for the whole trip, always hard to decide how much to send.... I'll be teaching at the Coupeville Arts Center on Whidbey Island, WA.

There's still room in the class if you'd like to come and join us!

It's such a wonderful place to teach, everyone has their own 6ft table to work on -- so no squishing in! Email me if you have any questions, I'd love to have you there!

Speaking of workshops...

I'm about to submit my classes to an event in Raleigh, NC in November. I know some of you are near to the area, any requests for specific classes? Here's my class list, let me know!
Mornin' Suzanne in NC again.
re: your workshop in Raleigh NC
While I can't speak for everyone, the classes I would love to take while you're here are: adventures in color, the frayed edge, beyond the unexpected (your 2nd book is everything I expected (play on words intended :) & I'd love to explore some of the techs more) also, the fabric collage- the name escapes me- class sounds great!
Really, Claudine, any subject you choose would be fun and helpful. I know because I've taken your class! I look forward to your visit here.
Suzanne G in NC
awwww, such a sweet princess! xo
You are coming to Raleigh?? When and where, I must get this on my calendar!!! As far as classes go, Adventures in color looks wonderful, Beyond the unexpected, Facing the Blank Canvas and the Frayed edge all make me salivate.
Thrilled that you are coming to Raleigh!!

Lauren and Suzanne

thanks guys! this helps a lot! it's always so stressful picking classes so this is a big help knowing some requests!

much appreciated!
What event in Raleigh? Do tell! Maybe I'll come down and feature it on my blog. I've from the south, so I wouldn't mind checking out the city - I haven't been there in sooo many years, I think I was 7 that last time we drove into Raleigh. I'm sure it's changed quite a bit!


this is the event:

It's a mini trade show for art suppliers, book publishers etc and then they also have workshops.

I have never been to raleigh, but this probably won't count as a real visit because if it's like my other events i usually never leave the hotel!
You want a companion for the Raleigh trip? Remind me when we used to drive you back to school in Ohio.
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