chloe's the winner!
Hello all, Paul here again, Claudine is still away. I didn't watch runway last night but did check out the winning designs on Bravo's website. I want Chloe's suit she designed for Nick. Love the pinstriped vest and pants...classic look. Very cool. It's sad Nick got voted out but it was only a matter of time. He's talented but there's only room for three people at the end. Warning: Tim Gunn impersonation ahead.... "What happened to Daniel?" The dress he designed for Chole wasn't up to his usual standards but he will bounce back. Here's what Tim had to say on his blog about Kara's design for Santino..But I couldn't help chuckling at her refrain, "I want him to look preppier." Preppier? Preppier than whom? Karl Lagerfeld looks preppier than Santino! Nice one Tim-ster! Well, that's about it for now. Claudine is finished teaching and is staying an extra night in California. The person she's staying with Tivo-d Runway. She may be able to write something about the episode later today.
love, love, love "PJ" and stayed up until 1am so i could catch also loving what i see of your poppets...must see more...will now go search.
Ah, I feel a little like I did after the Superbowl. Nick seems like a nice guy (loved what he said at the end about his mom and dad) and I thought he might be in the last three. I couldn't believe the crappy outfit Santino put on the runway, it does make one wonder if they are just wanting to keep him for the "outrageous factor". He will be gone next week, even with creativity, there is no way he's going to fashion week with his shoddy execution. I just wish it had been this week and Nick had had another shot to make a hit!
Paul what an amazing "substitute blogger" you have been - thank you for the updates, links and pictures.
Hmmm - I have a feeling you might be doing this more often - when there are tons of commissions or when Claudine just needs a break!? What a lucky gal!
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hi guys! just got done watching Project Runway here at my friend Cindy's house... she Tivo'd it and we ran to the TV as soon as we dropped our suitcases.

I disagree with Paul, I am SO MAD Nick was OUT this week. I was screaming at the TV. I think Santio should have been out after that HORRIBLE jumpsuit that he put Kara in. It was even falling apart and he lied on the runway saying Kara jumped around because she was so "excited" about it and that she damaged the outfit.

Nick's might have been badly sewn but Santino's was falling apart, seems that should be worse to me.

UGH! I can't wait to see Jay in next week's episode tell Santio that he can't wait to see him canned! LOL!

Still in CA, and will fly out tomorrow morning and will be home late tomorrow night. See you Saturday!
Claudine, hello sweetie-pie! Maybe when I see the show I'll have a different take on it all. It's hard to tell from just looking at the web photos. Sooo glad you are coming home! YAY! Did you see Survivor's on tonight??
hi Claudine and Paul!

I loved watching PR last night, but thought the meaning of a "make over" was more than a bit lost on Santino - that jump suit was so unflattering to Kara! How clueless can those judges be - he is so self-absorbed and the results of this challenge totally showed it! If he isn't sensative to what looks good on women, they'd better find out fast if he can design for men even?! A couple of times when the judges were talking to him on the runway I wanted to scream at him that he is demented (too true, now that I think of it) if he thinks it looks good on her!

Today I started to wonder why the judges would be willing to take the risk of letting him have a runway show?

If Nick has made men's wear, where was his mind when he picked the fabric and/or designed those pieces for Daniel to wear? I wonder if Santino's antics in the workroom aren't wearing everyone down as there are fewer folks to absorb his "noise"?

Certainly turned out to be Chloe's finest hour - I like someone who cares enough to be worried!

Claudine you left us in good company - but you know that! Look forward to hearing about the workshops and Asilomar when you get home.

i just want to know if you are the man i think you are - do you want the suit chloe made, with the pink back? i say you are one of the few hetero males i know that won't blanche at that - how about it?

you are great company - maybe you've gotten a regular fill in job when claudine travels?!
OK more thoughts from me after listening to Tim Gunn's podcast.

I don't get what was up wiht Daniel? I thought the outfit he designed for Chloe made her look like a Vegas cocktail waitress from the 80's, what was with that big hair?

Paul, I'll make sure you watch it with me this weekend then you can see just what a travesty Santio's outfit was! You would look cute in that suit Chloe designed for Nick!

I can't wait to get home! OK off to eat dinner, then get an early night, my flight leaves at 7am.

Paul you've done a fabulous job. Love reading everyone's comments. Makes a great break from work.
Thanks for all the kind words ya'll! I'll miss everyone..sniff, sniff...I promised claudine I wouldn't cry :)
Everyone have a great night!
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