Today I had to drop off my car early in the AM for a check-up so Paul and I took ourselves to the mall. The mission was simple - acquire a couple new shirts so I can look nice at CHA. Should have been easy enough, but I am not like my PoppetTM girls, I do not love shopping.

I couldn't find any shirts I liked (why is everything so 80's now!?) but I did manage to replace the bras that Maggie ate a few months ago, and then got a pair of shoes and a new purse (caramel color bag from DSW).

I lasted about an hour and a half which constitutes a really lengthy shopping trip for me. The mall sucks all the energy out of me, and I am not capable of making all these shopping type decisions like size, color, style etc. It's just all so overwhelming. I wish Clinton & Stacey could help me.

It managed to give me another migraine, or maybe it was still left over from last night. Now that I have recovered, we're wrapping up the new podcast that we hope to upload tonight... stay tuned!
Actually, there's a legitimate reason why many claim shopping is a draining experience.....the formaldehyde. All the merchandise, particularly clothing, is swimming in it as a means of keeping mold and other such nasties off the product until it hits the stores. Formaldehyde is famous for causing people headaches, sinus trouble, blurry vision, interrupted thought processes, fatigue.... The typical "day at the mall" symptoms. If you are prone to migraines, you may also have a certain sensitivity to smells, to chemicals and the like. I am not a headache person. But, put me in a mall for a few hours and I'm grumpy, disoriented, stuffy and whining about my head hurting. All I want to do is go home, eat something, and hide under the throw pillows on my couch, channel surfing until it's time to go to bed. LOL

So, now you can actually tell people that you're allergic to shopping and you won't be making it up as an excuse. ;o) hee hee hee

OK well that's good to know! And I thought it was just the fact I am incapable of making a decision when it comes to clothes! pink or blue? tank top or long sleeve? oh these weighty decisions drive me crazy.

I shop like a man, I walk into the store, move my head to the left, move to the right, if I don't see anything I leave the store. Then i get crabby that i don't end up wiht new clothes.

I love it, not I can say I am allergic to shopping! hee hee.
Once you are officially rich off your work, you won't have to decide. You can just buy both!

I understand the irritation of it, too. I don't like to go "shopping", but I do like to find "deals". Today made the annoyance of shopping worthwhile. I found a gorgeous little FreePeople sweater on the clearance rack by the registers at Nordstrom Rack. Originally $98 marked down to $20. Not a scratch or splotch on it. I did, however, come home with a stuffy nose from the store. LOL!

if you search ebay for anthropologie you can find all sorts of NEW clothes there like Free People and other anthropologie brand super cheap....ahh internet shopping how i love it.
This could get me into serious trouble. LOL

So, I decided to look up Free People on eBay to see what they had to offer. 1st page of listings, there's my new sweater, bid up to $65. Ha! Now, I feel truly stealthy. I got it cheaper. Wheeeee!

But, I'm still gonna look on eBay more often. LOL Thanks for the tip!!!!
GOod MOrnin,

I could LIVe in Anthropologe!!!!! DITTO on your clothes shopping feelings; But the A!! is always a joyful experience, even if 300.00 jeans are out of my realm of spending =)
I did purchase the coolest reading glasses for myself 2 yrs ago as a birthday present, which my dog , Jack, promptly chewed to pieces.


I heart Anthropologie too.

I have a theory about it though. I think that going into the store enters you into some kind of vortex where everything looks amazing even outfits you would NEVER wear normally, All of sudden under the drug of packaging I'm going oh look how great this tulle skirt is for $400! WoW I would look so cute at the grocery store in this! - yeah right.

But when you leave the store with one of their outfits and wear it in regular life, it doesn't look or feel as good, it's like you need to be on the streets of France in order to wear clothes like that.

i find it best to stick to housewares and accessories from there!

I did get a cute apron from there yesterday that I plan to wear when demoing at CHA, we'll see if it passes the "outside the store" Anthropologie test.
I have an Anthropologie RIGHT around the corner from my house. It's much too easy to get to (gnawing on fist). But, I've found the guilt is less if I make a bee line to the clearance closet in the back of the store, refusing to look at anything on my way there. Then I pay a little less. If that doesn't work, I swear off buying anything by convincing myself that, ya, I can sew that. I can really really sew that fully embroidered velvet and lace jacket. Of course, if I really wanted, I could perform brain surgery, too. It might take several years to learn how, and would probably take less time than making a copy of the Anthropologie jacket. But, I can do it! Sure! LOL
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