time for a check up
Today was Maggie's annual exam and she was not a happy camper. I think one thing comes to a cat's mind when going to the vet and that is shots! Poor little Maggie was shaking like a leaf and complaining the whole way there. Our vet is the nicest person, so Maggie really had nothing to be afraid of. Mabel also got a quick visit to check her weight. She has lost 4 lbs since August, so now she is at a normal weight. Hooray! I guess that means we have to stop calling her "fatty."

On the drive home from the vet I noticed many of our neighbors still have their holiday decorations up. I personally think all decorations must be down by Jan 6th at the latest. My mom always said it was bad luck to have them up after, but maybe that's just an English superstition.

Other than all the kitty cat dramatics, just got some work done, and booked my flights to teach in WA state in March. Got a good deal. Which proves my theory that flights are more pricey on weekends because I searched the same flights on Friday and they were $100 more than today.
HI Claudine! Just curious, how did you get Mabel's weight down? As you know, my white cat is a moose.

Kim Tedrow from Lincoln NE :)

hey there!

We took away all dry food from mabel and she only gets wet food now, with water added to it to make it mushier.

She has uniary crystals so we have to watch her PH and the wet food helps with that and the crystals too. But that did the trick.

We feed our kids Wellness because it's a high quality food with only human grade meats and ingrediants and no "mystery meat"

hope that helps!!
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