runway time!
When they said at the beginning of Project Runway that both team members were going to be voted off I knew it was going to be a good episode!

I felt sorry for Nick getting stuck with Santio as his partner and I was glad he didn't get kicked off the show. I wasn't impressed with the whole kimono outfit that they came up with. Could you imagine being at the office all day and typing on the computer in something like that? The challenge was work to play and I think they forgot about the "work" part to their outfit.

It wasn't a surprise that Diana and Marla got voted off, they were both the weakest designers so I figured it had to be them. I actually kind of liked the outfit they made. Poor Diana was always trying to make her clothes so space-agey with removable parts.

I felt really bad for Kara with her crying jag. I think if I were on the show I would be crying like that ALL the time. I know I couldn't take the pressure.

I loved, LOVED the whole window decoration part of the challenge, my fav was Chloe and Emmet's.

Thanks to Andrea for suggesting last week to check out the podcasts by Tim Gunn, he really tells it all and you get to find out what really went on. I can't wait to hear what he says about tonight's episode because it looked like Santio really argued with Michael Coors but they cut it out. Ohh juicy!
wow, last night's episode was incredible - if that pairing fiasco doesn't teach some of those folks to look out for themselves, nothing will! thank goodness Nick survived - if it wasn't a double elimination you'd swear Santino was trying to get him out!

Timm Gunn's podcast was great - thanks for sharing the good suggestion!

what a great twist the window display was to the challenge - much better than the goofy party to rub elbows with Nicki Hilton, which may have been very realistic, but not as creatively challenging!

now we have to wait another week... ugh!
There was no other choice to be "out"last night. Those two girls might be great designers, but who can tell. Their voices are just too weak. I think that's why I STILL adore Santino. He's just out there singing his song at the top of lungs. He is intentional. It's why I find myself falling in love with Daniel V. - his voice just keeps getting stronger and stronger. BTW, my party dress paper doll is on my blog - No. 7. And the podcasts are too good.
I'm sucked in deeper and deeper each week! (and by the way, yes... watching project runway did make this sick girl feel oh so much better! thanks for the well-wishes) :)

and so glad you are enjoying the podcasts! fun, aren't they?
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