getting out the hat and scarf
Brrrr! It got so cold here today! I just got back from covering up the plants outside to keep them warm tonight. I don't know how you people up north do it, I just can't stand the cold. Tonight we are supposed to have a windchill in the low 30's and the TV news anchors are acting like mommies telling us great tips like "to stay warm try wearing a hat and scarf!"

Tomorrow I teach my waxing poetic bees' wax collage workshop in Daytona Beach, so I spent most of today getting ready for that, making sure I have all the workbooks, supplies and mapquest of directions to the store etc. I'll try to take some photos and post them up so you can see!
Well, here I am up North. We are in weird weather world. It was 45f degrees on Thursday and tonight it will be 14f. All my migrain suffering friends are struggling with the dramatic barometer shifts......Ill take a cold day in Orlando anytime!
Good Morning,

It must be a Left Coast ---Right Coast Phenomena, weather, global warming, doesn't make any sense sort of thing!

It has been warm and summer like all week in the Southern Ca desert ,as it has been there in Florida.
Today the winds have arrived and the wood stove is burning away at 10 am.
It is confusing and mighty challenging for a middle aged-temperature challenged women =)
....going to find my down coat...geez...

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