decisions, decisions
Lots of work to do today, picking out classes to submit for workshops later in the year. It is always so hard to choose, do I do one day or two classes? What if I pick one no one wants to sign up for? It is always just a gamble, I never know which are the right classes to pick so I end up getting really stressed out and today I managed to work myself up into a migraine over it!

Also worked on commissions, getting them ready for Valentine's Day gifts. Here's one I just finished up of a cute couple and their 5 kitties!

Paul and I are excited, we got lots of you wanting to play along with our next "quick collage" podcast. Yay! I can't wait to tape the next episode, we had so much fun with the first one.
oooh, i'm famous! thanks claudine! nobody better comment on how we have too many cats. i know we do! heehee, there so cute though!
That piece is adorable =)

ANy suggestions on what we should use for the QUICK COLLAGE- meaning supplies?? photos, magazines, art, a supply list would help me a little =)

THrow me a bone !

All WIll BE well...-don't waist your precious creative energy over which worshop to do, just GO with your GUT.

N a m a s t e,
Maybe there should be an online migraine support group! I am amazed at how many creative people get them (as read in various blogs of well-known artists...and I could name them)!I get them too and they can just stop you in your tracks!!!!! Hope you feel better! You are an inspiration!

good question! Here are some supplies you might want to have for the quick collage challenge.

old magazines, colored papers, paints, paint brushes, pens, crayons, water jar, paper towels, glue stick, scissors.

maybe use something simple to work on like a piece of watercolor paper or even use a sheet of computer paper if you like!

And don't forget to have fun! Focus on the process not the end product!

I agree! So many creative people get migraines, I wonder why that is. we must think too much! LOL!
thanks so much for the supply info!


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