come play along
I am thrilled everyone has enjoyed the quick collage podcast!

For future episodes we'd like you to be able to play along too. Email Paul and he'll tell you the theme (so this way I don't know it) and then you can create an artwork around that theme too. Email a JPG of your finished piece to Paul by Sunday Jan. 22nd and we'll post them up the day we air the podcast.

See if you can do it in 20 minutes - if it takes you longer we'll never know!
Hi there gang! Just wanted to note how the "themes" are selected for the podcasts. Claudine has box of poetry dog tags. We picked out several words from the box and placed them in a very artsy fartsy clear plastic sandwich bag. I jiggle the bag several times, grab the tag and...poof! The theme is chosen! Now that you are enlightened, email me (if you haven't already) for the theme of podcast #2! Make art, have fun!
I would like to note that the point of the exercise is not necessarily to make amazing works of art but to have FUN and enjoy the thought process that goes along with the challenge, so when you finish your piece and send it to us, please include a sentence or two about how you felt while creating it and what your thought process was, this way we can keep the emphasis on process NOT end result which I think is REALLY important! hooray! I can't wait!
one more thing...

someone asked me what suppiles they might use to create the quick collage, so I am pasting my answer here so you can read it too :)

Here are some supplies you might want to have for the quick collage challenge.

old magazines, colored papers, paints, paint brushes, pens, crayons, water jar, paper towels, glue stick, scissors.

maybe use something simple to work on like a piece of watercolor paper or even use a sheet of computer paper if you like!

And don't forget to have fun! Focus on the process not the end product!
claudine, I LOVE this...! great idea, great podcast! I plan on playing along in the future...
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