yoga time
I tried out a different yoga DVD and somehow I felt like I was "cheating" on my old yoga DVD. I laughed at myself after I noticed I was being critical of the new DVD thinking "that's not the way the OTHER lady does it - harumph"

Had a great evening with my friend Carmi who was down from Toronto, it was so nice to see her. Paul and I took her to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Amura - and we had tempura cheescake -yum. Carmi had some great ideas how I could re-arrange my studio space (always a tricky task since it's at the very front of our house), now I can't wait to try them out.

Tomorrow is the Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney, yay!
I have been going to the Festival of the Masters for years! In recent years I've notice they have added a section devoted to folk art and outsider art. I was there on opening day, November 11th. I noticed one artist, unfortunately I don't know his name, but he had many assemblages and it was obvious he was much influenced by Joseph Cornell.

I love collage and tinker with it myself. I'm just learning to sew and I'm trying to use fabric in my collages. I want to try some of the techniques in your DVDs. The DVDs are wonderful. I particularly liked the interview.

Things we have in common: I lived in Columbus, Ohio (many years ago), I love Joseph Cornell's work, and I love cats. No wonder I just love your work!

Sharon in Kissimmee
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