studio line update
I wanted to give you a quick update to my Studio product line with Ranger. Unfortunately, the line is being discontinued. However, the products are still available  -- so grab them while they last (especially the Multi Medium, which glues just about everything). I know I'm stocking up!

It was an invaluable experience working with the Ranger team these past 5 years. I learned so much along the way and it was a thrill to develop from scratch my perfect "dream" formula for paints and mediums with Ranger's in-house chemist. I'm truly proud of our efforts to provide artists and crafters high quality paints and mediums to create with.

Thanks to all of you who supported Studio Line over the years!

PS:  If you are taking my online class that starts Feb 10th, I've got you covered! The Claudine Hellmuth Studio products will still be in stores for a little while longer, and I will have a handy list of paint/product substitutions for you that will work for the techniques featured in the class - I'm betting you already have everything you need in your art stash already :)


Oh no Claudine!! I am truly sorry to here this. You know I love your Ranger products!!! I am defintely stocking up on multi-medium...I love that stuff!!! It is amazing!!! xo, Evie
thanks so much Evie!!
So sorry to hear that. But wow, what a journey that must have been. Here's to new beginnings...
This is just makes me sad. :( Totally adore you, Claudine, and your beautiful products. ♥
Multi medium AND glue and seal!!! Eeek! Best wishes on your new journey, where ever it may take you!
thanks all for your sweet comments!
I love-love-love your beautiful paints! So glad I have a good stock of them! I wish you much SUCCESS as you venture forward to bigger and better things! :-) H.

P.S. So looking forward to your class!
I'm so sorry to hear this Claudine, I have no idea how I will manage without your Matt Multi Medium, it's my all time favourite!!! Having said that, I'm excited to see what is on the horizon for you.

Lin Brown
thanks Lin! I recommend Golden's Regular Gel Matte, it's what I used for 16 years before I had my own product line. I will miss Multi Medium too!!
will miss working working with you miss gorgeousness xx
I'm so sorry to read this, I absolutely LOVE your paints!!
oh, I'm so sorry to hear the news, Claudine. I remember buying a pot of every color of your paints a few years back - it was my first "big" mixed media purchase and I loved them.

wishing you all the best in the future.

ps: Claudine's BPC classes are great, in you're wondering. I've taken them all and would highly recommend them. :)
Oh Claudine. So sad to read this. I can't tell u how many tubs of multi medium we have used in classes and sold over the years. We adore your entire line. I hope u have awesome plans up your sleeve! Leandra XX
oh no! but yours is the best...especially the paints!!! what are we going to do?4324352
Excuse my frankness, but this sucks. I love your paints, and there's NOTHING like Studio Multi Medium. No more Sticky-Back Canvas??? GAH!!!
I agree with Linda! So so so sorry this is happening, and I will be hoarding stock! I hope you have new fabulous things in the works for you and for us!!!!
thank you all so much for all your comments! I too will miss multi medium and the paints too so creamy and buttery!:)
Say it ain't so Claudine !! You have been such a class representative if Ranger and I love your studio line! I have to say when I saw the new paints and mediums coming out under the new Ranger Designer line , it made me wonder why Ranger was adding those products. I am so so sorry to see you go . I love your products and as I said earlier, you represented Ranger so well. Best wishes for your next adventure! You are an amazing lady!
I'm stocked up! I look forward to your new adventures, fabric line?
My dear Claudine.. I am so gutted to hear this news. I just wanted to say a mahoosive thank you to you for your invaluable teaching during Ranger U and also for the invention of Traditional Tan paint - I have gone through nearly 50 pots now, you know my addiction to that fab colour. I too am a lover of the Multi Medium and Sticky Back Canvas, I will so miss them and am off to see about stocking up on them. All the very very very best to you sweet lady... much love, Hels xxx
What a journey Claudine...thanks for the update will hurry to my local craft store and buy necessaries.
Oh No! Claudine!! Your paints and the matte medium are my go-to products when I do collage. Those paints are the bomb, and I downloaded the mixing charts. That works so great to make any color! And don't even get me started on the sticky back canvas!! I'm so sorry to hear this! But you are my inspiration--Collage Discovery Workshop was one of my first books that got me started and I've never looked back!! I know you will move forward to bigger and better and even more innovative products, but it's sure a Bummer for us! xxox
So sorry to hear this Claudine. You know I love your products...especially the multi medium, but I credit your 1st book with giving me the information I needed to start my journey into becoming an Altered Artist! Good luck to you in whatever you do.
Claudine - I KNOW whatever else you are doing will be super but I hate to see your line discontinued….Love the sticky back canvas and the paints, and oh my…LOTS of it!! No chance someone else could produce/carry it?

Sorry to hear this - I love your MM like it's a member of the family. It was great meeting you @ Ranger U last year and I wish you all good things on your new path.
Oh no! I love your paints and mediums, Claudine, and I'm so sorry to see them go. Will you be developing new products? I look forward to whatever they may be.
Thank you all so much for your support and wonderful comments! You are making me smile :)

right now there are no plans for another paint line, I'm going to take a little break from the craft industry to reconnect with my creative vision and concentrating on my printables in my etsy shop, which I am having tons of fun designing and making!
So sorry to hear this Claudine! I love your products. I took a class with you a few years ago at Scrapfest and just loved it! Good luck in your new adventures!
I am really sad too, I do hope your illness isn't the cause of this. I too love your produces. Good luck with what you choose to do next. x
No illness!"Just business" as they say
Thanks alyice!
Thank you Lisa!
Thanks paperfusion! I agree loved the multi medium!!
Yay!! The class will be so much fun! I promise!
Thanks Lin! Here's to new adventures :)
You too Dylan!
Thanks so much Libby!!
Thanks do much Cathie for the sweet words about my BPC classes too!
I agree leandra! Love the multi medium!
Thanks so much Calinda!
Gah! You crack me up Linda!
Thanks Anita! I know I am hoarding them too :)
Thank you so much for your compliments candy!!
Thanks Victoria! Yes I do have new fabric coming out and I'm concentrating on my printable kits too!
Hels - I know how much you love traditional tan! It's a super go with everything color!
Yes! It was an exciting adventure!
Yes! I loved the mixing charts! So easy to make any color you wanted!
Linda - thanks!! That book was a good one! I'm still proud of it!
So great to meet you at ranger u!
Hi Candice! Right now there are no plans to have the paints with another company. But you never know what might happen in the future!
Right now I'm going to focus on my printables that I'm selling in my etsy shop :) I'm having lots of fun creating those kits!
Yay scrapfest
oh no!!!!! totally disappointed beyond words by this loved company. love the sticky back canvas, the gel mediums and the paints...boy those paints!!!! wish they came in the bigger pot not discontinued!!!!! and I loved the stamps (clear and foam combo for a complete look) I really don't know what to say...wishing you all the best and I hope that you can find a way to continue producing those products with another company...
Thanks Kiki!! Yes the paints were fabulous! So buttery and creamy! We worked really hard to get them just right! Right now no plans for a product line with another company but you never know what might happen in the future!
Oh My! I feel like Im gonna PASS OUT! I know for a fact that my legs just went numb! I ONLY use your multi-medium! Im happy for you to explore new adventures, but Im really sad for all of the artists out there that wont be able to continue to use these FAB products. :::crying:::
I'm sad too nancy! Thank you for your sweet words.
This is so not right. I read it yesterday and am at a loss as to what to say. I love your stamps and stencils-the world needs more whimsy. And you know I will be lost without sticky back canvas. Joannes better have a cheap freight day soon-I'll clean them out. Looking forward to whatever new adventures life takes you to-but this old broad just doesn't handle change well.
I agree Beth! I don't handle change well either! Trying to put a positive spin on ot and look at it as one chapter ending and a new chapter beginning! :)
I'm so sorry your line is discontinued. You have such a lovely look. Your stamps and stencils are difficult to get in the Netherlands but whenever I get the change I buy a set. And the foam stamps. The paints, the multi medium, the sticky back canvas. I will truly mis everything of your line. I admired you also for your change in your work from the collage style to the whimsical figures and I'm looking forward to what you will do next.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment Liezbeth
Sorry to hear this... How long is the shelf life on your paints & multi medium? (will also be stocking up) Claudine, everything you touch is gold. Moving on to bigger and brighter things! I will always be a fan!
Thank you Ivette! It wasn't my decision but I'm trying to put the best spin in it possible! I've has some jars of multi medium for years. As long as they are unopened they will keep for quite some time :)
I am so sorry you're not with Ranger anymore :( Hope you find a new and better path :) Sad to see almost all your products gone from the Ranger site. I always wanted to try your paints but I had a rawer full of paints I needed to use first so put off buying any :( No more sticky back canvas :O That's ridiculous! A truly brilliant idea that was, made it so easy to work with!
oops *drawer* and I should really say have lol
You were my favorite artist and favorite art style at Ranger and I think it's a huge loss... I know sometimes it's good to take a break, tho and to reassess what direction your heart is telling you to go. I hope that path leads to all things good, because you certainly deserve it, my dear! *mondo squishy hugs*
thank you Julie and Purplecinn
for your sweet words. Yes it was not what I wanted to have happen but now that it has I'm making the best of it!I always think things happen for a reason :)
I missed seeing you at the Ranger booth this year at CHA, I loved your product line, hope you will release through someone else. LOVE your sticky back canvas, brushes, paints, and of-course the matte-medium. I look forward to seeing your new art adventures, you are a gentle and inspiring soul!
Thank you so much sue!
So I'm always totally late to the party! I just got into card making/art journaling in the last year or so and just discovered your pretty awesome studio line (of course way too late to get the big jars of paint :OP). Will you ever be able to re-release your paints? Or, well I sort of hate to ask, is there an equivalent to your paints? They definitely very different from the regular craft paints that you can pick up everywhere and I really do enjoy them. Thanks so much for you time!
Hi Lee! I recommend Golden paints, it's what I used for years and years before I had my own paint product line :)
Thanks so much for the recommendation Claudine!
I realize this is an old post---i had taken a hiatus from crafting/art making and was getting back into and couldn't figure out why I couldn't find your line===Man, what a bummer! So sorry to hear this! But I"m sure you are on to bigger and better things by now!
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