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For the Success Week of the blog tour I was asked to post a little bit about success! This got me thinking about how a few months ago an illustration student asked me to answer some questions for a paper she was writing.....
One of the questions she asked was about was when I felt like I had made it and truly achieved success, and so I thought I'd share my answer here with you! 

Here is what I wrote to her:

As with any career there is not one one golden ticket that launches you into "being there" and then you can sit back, relax and everything else is easy from there on out. I've done some really thrilling things over the years. 

I was on the Martha Stewart Show and crafted with her live on TV, I've worked with amazing clients like Smart Car and The Saturday Evening Post, I had a product line and appeared on the Home Shopping Network.

Now that I've been working for myself as an artist and illustrator for 12 years I can say that there are many wins along the way where you feel like "ok here we go!! this is it!! this is SUCCESS, I can now relax!" but then there are just as many set backs where you start to wonder what the heck you are doing. 

Being in business for yourself is a real roller coaster ride. But just like any roller coaster there are some really scary parts and some really exciting parts, and when you get to the end you look to your friend and say "let's go again!"

I can’t wait to be a part of The Declaration of You’s Facebook party this Friday at 9:30-10a PST/11:30a-12p CST/12:30-1p EST. We’ll be chatting in real time about TOPIC over at Hope you can join us! Click here!

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How exciting Claudine!! TFS your answer! xo Evie
I really enjoyed this post!! You are awesome!!
I used to get emails from you (your newsletters maybe, or blog posts?) and since I signed up for your class that starts Monday (I'm so excited!!) I haven't got any!! I don't know what the heck I did but I want to get you back!!LOL!! Can you tell me what to do? I will come back to check if you answered, or here is my email:
Thanks so much!! Have an awesome weekend!!
xxDaniella Hayes
PS will you be live at any time during the class?
<3 <3 <3
hi Daniella!!
thank you so much for signing up for my class!! I will online during the class all the time answering forum questions and posting comments so you will be seeing a lot of me!!

So sorry you aren't getting my newsletter! maybe it has been going to your spam folder?

here's a link so you can sign up for it again!

thank you so much!!!
Thank you Claudine!! I am so amped up about this workshop you have no idea!!! It is even MORE exciting to hear you will be there with us!!
I will use the link and re-sign up. I never had a problem before but my email got spammed recently and that is probably when it happened.
See you Monday!!
I've read a few of the posts for the Success topic on the blog hop and I am so excited. As someone at the beginning of her adventure to starting a creative business these little insights are so many things. They are enlightening - you aren't all huddled behind the magic curtain where the people who have made it gather. You all have different ideas of success - you don't all have the same picture and definition of what it means to be successful. And you all sound just like me! Just a girl who loves being creative and has found a way to make it something they can do as a living. It feels so much more possible reading these posts. Such a perfect gift that I need to hear at the moment.
hi coral!! I am thrilled that my post and the others were helpful! we are all on a journey! even those of us "further along" down the road are still figuring it out too!
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