thank mom for all the meals she has cooked!

I was always a picky eater. When I would go over to a friends house and eat something, my friends' Mom would call my Mom and excitedly say "she ate such and so!"

Then my mom would race to the store get whatever it was that I had eaten at my friends house and cook it for me in the hopes I would eat it at home.

 "It doesn't taste the same as it did at Jennifer's" I would say picking at my food for the 100th time. Wow! Pretty bratty right?

When I think of all the meals that my Mom cooked for me and desperately tried to get me to eat (sometimes successfully and sometimes not) I want to give her a big hug! Thanks Mom!! I am sorry I was such a picky eater!!

Hopefully you weren't as picky an eater as I was, but you can still let Mom know how much you appreciate all the meals she has cooked for you by making her this cute little retro oven cupcake box!

I'm giving one to my mom with a gift card inside!

This paper printable oven comes in 5 colors and you can put it together in just a few minutes. Add Mom's favorite cupcake for a delicious treat! 
Not only is this a fun inexpensive gift ($4.99) that takes just a few minutes make, I've got a 10% coupon for you too! Click here to grab your coupon code then hop on over to my Etsy Shop to get your retro oven printable kit!

This is one of my favorite photos of my Mom in her 20's when she was working for The Sunday Express in Johannesburg. She's sitting on the shoulders of Mr Universe! Love this photo! 

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

This post was written for the Nerdwallet Mother's Day Your Way contest. I did not receive any compensation for this post but have a chance to win a prize by submitting! 

Comment below and let me know what your favorite childhood food was! Mine was Mac N Cheese and I still love it! Yummy!!


Mine was mac and cheese and also mac n'cheese with hotdogs cut up in it. And it had to be Kraft Mac & Cheese. No other brand and not homemade. :)
Really cute cupcake holders! My mother made a great strawberry shortcake when I was a kid.
I also loved Mac & Cheese (only by Kraft) and sometimes my mom would cut up hotdogs in it and wahoo-that was the best!
not my mom, but my grandmother Lola would make me a warm salad of fresh spinach, farmer cheese and hard boiled eggs with a dressing that probably had bacon grease in it because I don't think she made anything without bacon - I've never been able to replicate it. (well I also don't eat bacon anymore)
thanks ladies!! I love hearing these! so much fun!

mmmm strawberry shortcake!!
LOVE the cupcake box!!!! Oh, for fave food it would have to be my mom's meatloaf...even though I don't eat meat any more!
My mom made the best "leftovers" - better than the first run! However, I loved her tuna noodle casserole especially with those marvelous saltine crackers crushed and spread on top as a crispy covering! OK, they may have been bread crumbs but I loved saltine crackers! LOL
marlynn - mmmm!!! I love anything with crispy on top. My friend stacy makes Mac N Cheese with Cheese-its crumbled on top and it's fabulous!!!
My mother was very British in her culinary skills; salt & pepper were her only spices. But she made the most amazing pastry! And my favourite food she made is English trifle with proper custard & real whipped cream. The BEST! :-) H.
@Labyrinth Gal - My Mom is English too! I think that's why i don't like spicy foods ;)
Strawberry shortcake with whipped's still a favorite! My mom also makes the world's best stuffing.
Anything Mom makes!!!
My mother wasn't much of a cook, but my grandma surely was! I loved her apple fritters!
My mom made homemade fave!! Yum! :) Evie
Mmm lasagna!! That sounds great evie! I can never have too much pasta!
My favourite was my grandma's pierogis and I actually loved her borscht as well.
I am so happy to have discovered this post today! Firstly, because I found your adorable oven, secondly, because that photo of your mom made me smile (how crazy and unique-it would make a great Mother's Day card!) thirdly, I too was picky and am grateful to my mom for all her cooking! and fourthly, I hope you win the contest and my fav food, besides mac and cheese, was smoked porkchops with rice and no veggies!
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