fun for the whole family!
Let me introduce you to Genevieve, an adorable 8 year old girl who had a blast putting together my Christmas Church printable kit.

Here's what her Mom, Christine, wrote to me:

"Genevieve made the church today and it turned out awesome! She had no problems cutting, folding or putting together and she really enjoyed doing it (I helped very little - she wanted to do it mostly by herself). We printed out your free pink trees today too!" 

And then she included some photos in her email of the assembly process which are so cute I couldn't stop smiling!

What an extra treat to know that kids are enjoying my kits too!

When I was little, I loved these paper press-out books and I spent many hours assembling and playing with them. The process of putting together was just as much fun as playing and so many happy memories were created while working on those kits!

And one last photo ...  here's Genevieve with her completed church kit and also the trees and ice skaters kit which she also put together herself! She combined it with a Christmas cookie jar and I think it looks fabulous!!
Thanks so much Genevieve and Christine for sharing these photos!


Asking Santa for a little girl in our family for Christmas-she is so cute.Want my link to the Betsey McCall dolls?
I see a bright, creative future for Genevieve! Great job on your Christmas scene Genevieve!
so sweet!
love , jean yates
nice village, what a great smile!
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