free printable christmas tree to download & make!
I have a freebie Christmas download for you today! A little mini Christmas tree that you can download, print and make. And the best part, it's PINK! This pink tree is inspired by my friend Lorraine who loves all things pink. So why not a Christmas tree!?


It's such an easy project and This little tree will go perfectly with my other Christmas printables, and it'll look super cute all by itself! Add a touch of glitter and make a whole bunch to use as ornaments!.

PLEASE NOTE - for best quality do not print using the printer icon on the widget above. Instead click the arrow download button. This will save the high res file to your computer and you will have beautiful crisp trees! :)

Links to this freebie printable on pinterest, twitter, facebook etc are very much appreciated! Spread the word! 

For more fun Christmas printable kits that you can download and make check out my Etsy store here

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So sweet! Thanks so much for sharing!
Thanks, Claudine!! I love pink! I'm working on the other trees from the Christmas tree printable and this will look great with them!
Thank you Susan!! I thought they would all look cute together!
Love the PINK!! What a cute addition to your wintery forest! xo Evie
Thanks for sharing Claudine!!! So cute.
thanks ladies! so glad you like it! have fun!!!
Thank you so much, I love pink trees.
Merry Christmas!
Thank You so Much for Sharing....


Thank you so much for sharing. I so appreciate it. I Love the Tree....


thank you so much!! so thrilled that you like it!!
Thank you so much...we're going to make these to decorate the scene where our train runs under our tree...
Claudine, thanks so much for sharing with us! You are the BEST!!
The pink is perfect. Thanks for sharing
Thanks so much for the darling tree. I'm putting several around the house for my grandkids to "find". Pink is perfect.
thank you. will be printing this out to make multiples to use on tables and shelves to brighten up the holidays.
Thanks so much, I am always looking for simple ideas to use in class.
thank you all!! so thrilled you are enjoying it!
Claudine, Thank you so much for the free printable Christmas tree. I am going to print and make them with my grandchildren this weekend. I hope your holidays are as wonderful as you!
I really love your printable downloads! Thank you so much for the freebie!
Thank you so much! I love it!
Thank you for the gift.
this is so cute ! thank you for sharing... i share the link here :
Thanks for share!
Thank you so much! This is too cute! I love all your work and it's so thoughtful of you to give out this freebie. I appreciate it so much! <3
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