back from HSN!
I'm back from another trip down the HSN. This was an exciting trip because both my chipboard kit and the pop art sticker kits have sold out! 

The only sad part is now they will never be made again. I am glad I bought a couple extra kits to keep as samples!I loved that little ice cream truck and the suitcase!! But the fun part is I'll get to design even more kits!  I still have 4 other kits on HSN which are also limited editions. Check them out here!

When I first get to the HSN studios there is always the mad dash to get tables so you can set up your displays. There never seems to be enough tables to go around. I got lucky though. Emeril's staff who were there selling his product line, were super helpful and gave me one of their tables. Thanks Emeril's staff!!

Here's my table in the pre-set up madness. I'm pretty slow at setting up my tables, it takes me along time, and I keep moving stuff around until I get it just how I want it. 

Here's one of the tables all finished! This one was for my rub on kit.  Then they wheel this table onto set right before you go on air. It's tricky to have everything set up and not have it fall over when it gets wheeled away!

Here's the necklace I wore on air. I made it from one of Lilla Roger's Ruby Violet kits by Prima. I love her kits!

And a youtube video of my card kit demonstration on air. I was proud of myself -- I looked at the front facing camera more this time. With so many cameras it get very confusing. But each time I go on I try to tweak my demonstration until one day (hopefully soon)  I'll have it down pat!

And the empty greenroom! Most of the day it was just me in here! But I was busy setting up tables and getting ready for each segment. the time really flies when you are there! 

So another exciting trip to HSN! I'll be back on in July! thanks to everyone who send nice messages via twitter and facebook!

And right now,  I'm off to the Ranger offices in NJ to teach at RangerU for the weekend! It's been a busy travel week!


Now you've got me in more trouble!I have to get some of those jewelry kits-I want to use all those darling doodads ton altered "stuff".Can't believe my card kit is actually due for delivery today already-I am so excited.
Wow, you did such a great job presenting your products on HSN. Have you been practicing *wink*? I can hardly imagine how stressful it must have been.
I'm sad my computer was having issues when you were recently on the air and if you would be willing to sell me on of you kits that is sold out, I would love to buy it. They are super cute for a mini-album I want to make for my mom for upcoming Mother's Day very retro and whimsy.
I just wanted to say great job. You are very inspiring to all the entrepreneurs out there.
I love all your things :) but...I love the jewelry too!
Hi claudine! I was so happy that I was able to purchase several of your things when you presented on hsn! I got the rub-ons & the stickers but was most excited about the sweet treats chip board set! Unfortunately, thats the one that never arrived, they canceled a couple wks later due to lack of inventory :( Is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY to get my hands on one? I'm so bummed!
I think you did great! Love that kit, the chipboard pieces are darling!
Love your ring, too, btw!
I would love to come to Ranger U...maybe someday!
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