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Yesterday we took a field trip to the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. I love folk and outsider art  it is so fresh and free and playful. It was just what I needed after weeks of non stop work. I was starting to lose sight of playfulness which is so important to being the best you can creatively. This is my new all time favorite museum!


You are not allowed to take photos around the museum but we did take a few snaps in the gift shop. The VMA gift shop was too much fun. Everything from kooky sunglasses to totes and gag gifts. 

Being silly in the museum gift shop 
There's me, Kim and Paul being silly with the sunglasses in the gift shop! When I turned the corner into the book part of the gift shop look at what I found...

My cards in the visionary art museum gift shop in Baltimore! 

... my cards with Teneues!! That was such a thrill!! 

If you are ever anywhere near Baltimore this museum is a MUST see! I can't wait to go back!
Visiting art museums is the best. I used to visit Baltimore regularly when my girlfriend was in art school there but this place didn't exist back then (1980s). I'll check it out next time I head south. Thanks for the tip.
It looks very interersting and special - but it is to far away ! :-(
My pal @pattimonkey does a show there every Thanksgiving weekend (I forget the name). That is a fun place!
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